Are there any "BLONDES" here with an I.Q. over 100 ????

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  • IW

    John Doe,

    intelligence doesn't seem to have a direct correlation to religious beliefs.

    I agree. Even the most intelligent JW apostate was a JW at one time. It's not lack of intelligence but trust in men that mostly drives us down the wrong road.

    Good point.


  • jgnat

    My very first thought was well, duh, our very own BLONDIE!!!

    My second thought was that when a blonde walks in to the room, all the MEN's IQ's drop 10 points.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Intelligence never stopped anyone from being a sucker. Common sense did.

  • JH
    when a blonde walks in to the room, all the MEN's IQ's drop 10 points.

    HAHA, very true Jgnat.

    I'm thinking of a blonde right now

  • blondie

    I never knew what my IQ was until I was in my 30's and went back to school and sent for my HS transcripts. I was glad I never knew in school. Now your emotional IQ is more important.

    I think about all the highly schooled, professional people who are part of Scientology, a group that scares me more than the WTS. The kind of smarts you need to stay out of a cult aren't learned in school.

    Blondie (only her hairdresser knows for sure)

  • the_classicist
    Don't assume that we all got our IQs tested on line.

    I'm not assuming you did, but many people do.

  • WildHorses
  • JH

    Is that a 124 WH?

    I love intelligent sexy women

  • WildHorses

    Yep! I enlarged it so you could see it. LOL

  • WildHorses

    Mary, here is a list of the scores.

    What does your score mean?
    70-84Well below the population average.
    85-99Below the population average, but in the normal range.
    100The population average.
    101-115Above the population average, but in the normal range.
    116-125Significantly above average.
    A score of 126 or above qualifies you to become a member of the International High IQ Society.
    141-159Highly gifted.
    160+Profoundly gifted.
    180+Universal genius.
    Factors that may have adversely affected your score include lack of sleep and/or physical, mental, or emotional distractions.

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