Are there any "BLONDES" here with an I.Q. over 100 ????

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  • JH

    Well, the test doesn't say blondie.
    but blondes are not that dumb as people think. they ranked quite good By the way, I like your new avatar blondie and I like blondes.

  • IW


    IW, no newbie can talk to me this way...

    Sorry about that.

  • JH

    No problem IW, it's only a fun thread that NO ONE should take seriously.

    OK Satanus, relax

  • Mary

    I'm blonde and I scored 118 on an I.Q. test.............I figured there was something wrong with the test, cause I'm no Einstein..........

  • JH

    Honestly, how can the color or your hair determine your intelligence.

    Many people make jokes on blondes, but it's only for fun.

  • Satanus
    Many people make jokes on blondes, but it's only for fun.

    Well yes. Political correctness says make jokes about blondes. You are just following along w your new crowd.


  • John Doe
  • garybuss

    This is a real quote from the Golden Age . .
    Social and Educational
    Proposed Bounty on Blondes

    The Atlantic City Evening Union is responsible for the following: "DOUBLE ZERO - placard advertising a lecture entitled 'Armageddon! What Is the Way of Escape!’ is on display in a window of the Boardwalk Arcade. Two blondes of the mental midget class on their, way to the beach paused for a moment to analyze the message ‘'What's Armageddon a new racket?' queried the curious one. Her companion had the answer. ‘It's a basket made out of the shells of those little porcupines,’ she answered happily. 'We've got one at home.’ The first speaker thought that was a funny thing to have to worry about escaping from, but she accepted the explanation for what it was worth. ‘That dame must be thinking of an armadillo,’ said a bystander. He added that there ought to be bounty on blondes instead of stray cats and dogs."
    The Golden Age December 4, 1935 Number 423 p.155
    The Golden Age Publishing Company, INC.
    117 Adams St. Brooklyn, N.Y., USA
    Clayton J. Woodworth - President
    Nathan Homer Knorr - Vice President
    Charles E Wagner - Secretary and Treasurer
    Five Cents A Copy

  • tnangel73




    That was when I was 15 though. I think I have got less smart as I have got older. Jess.

  • IW

    Hey JH!

    You notice how we all assumed you meant female blondes?

    What are men with blonde hair called?

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