Living Alone... How Do You Do It?

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  • scotsman
    or enjoying some sweet meditation time.

    the sixties are alive in LT... man!

  • Ellie

    Its not easy living alone if you are a social sort of person, I did it for a couple of years, the first year I filled my flat with friends and music and ended up being evicted due to noise and what not, the second year I rid myself of my friends and lived in basic solitude and that was hard.

    I think you just have to keep yourself occupied, involve yourself in your work and get lots of hobbies, I wouldn't recommend just inviteing anyone over because people tend to take the micky if they think your house is always open,but try to make friends (I know, easier said than done) with people outside.

    If you are a bit shy or have difficulties meeting people then just chat to people online, they may not be in the same room as you but atleast its company.

    Wish I could be more help.

    Good luck!

  • LittleToe


    Aye, but no-one brought sheep


    the sixties are alive in LT... man!

    Shoulda been at the party

  • luna2

    Sorry things are down right now FMZ...hope the pendulum swings the other way for you soon.

    Others have given you great suggestions. I don't have anything terribly helpful to add as I like living alone. My son moved out for the second time about a year ago, and unless something unforeseen happens, he probably won't be moving back, so I'm on my own for the first time in my life.

    I'm a pretty solitary person, though, so after the intial sadness that my baby was an adult, I settled in pretty well. I don't even want a pet to worry about. Maybe it's all the years of living with demanding parents, a demanding husband, and then raising kids...also demanding (not so much the kids themselves, but just being a parent is demanding). Now I'm working on figuring out who I am without a bunch of other people around defining me.

    Maybe for you the pet or roommate Idea would help combat the loneliness.

  • Wolfgirl

    You say you "crave interaction." Just because you live alone doesn't mean you will always BE alone. In fact, I find it to be the opposite. Without someone at home waiting or wondering, you have freedom to come and go as you please, do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. I loved living alone. (I am now married, and haven't lived alone for a few years.)

  • bavman

    I have lived alone for over a year now after being married for eleven years and shunned by most all I knew. It was hard at first but I am now use to it. Taking a walk, or taking part in sports or hobbies is helpful. Just getting out and meeting new people helps. Still, being actually alone is not really a bad thing either because it is in this time we learn about ourselves and have opportunity to grow. Meditation helps greatly as well believe it or not. Accept that loneliness is part of life at times as we all suffer during periods of our life. Making a relationship with our loneliness until it becomes aloneness. Letting aloneness become our companion so that when we are alone we are free. I found it is in aloneness that we learn what our basic nature is. Therefore it is this aloneness we experience which inspires compassionate action in our daily living situations. Take care!

  • Billygoat


    I'm sorry to hear of the break up...I didn't know. But I have to say, sometimes I miss living alone. For all the reasons everyone listed above. I lived alone for several years after my divorce and yes, it was hard at first. I'm like you...a people person. But I forced myself to go out with a friend or two at least once a week. I wouldn't wait for the invitation either, I'd invite them to a movie or to dinner. I had a little housewarming (in my tiny 750 sf apartment) - talk about cozy! :-) I created a "wine club" with like-minded people at my house. Everyone brought a bottle of wine and a dish to complement it. We sat and talked and tasted and educated ourselves. I joined the gym and got a personal trainer. Not everything you do will "take" and you'll find yourself exploring different interests more fully than others, but I never sat around. I had to get used to the silence over a period of time. As I healed (it only took a few months, not years) I realized the silence was actually welcoming. Now I can never seem to find it. LOL

    I know you'll do fine. A couple precautions though: you may go lightly on the drinking and tomato eating for awhile. They can have a tendency to slow you down and stay depressed.


  • katiekitten

    you invite me over, and we have a house warming party where we forget to invite the neighbours

  • confusedjw

    Katie - if you make offers like that a whole lot of others on this board are sudden going to be "living alone" - Don't get fooled!

  • katiekitten

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