Living Alone... How Do You Do It?

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  • cyberguy

    Hey FMZ,

    You mention in one of your comments that you’re on medication for depression. That’s okay my friend, nothing wrong with that, but I worry about you that your current situation may lead to deeper depression than your current medication may not be able to counter. If you find yourself in that situation, please seek out medical help, friends, and family that you can still talk to. "EvilForce" is a doctor, and I’m sure he would be willing to give advice if you PM him. And of course, a lot of us old timers are here for you too; we’d be willing to listen to whatever problems, sorrows, and confusion you have. You’re not alone my friend. You’ve been in a cult religion that can cause so much harm and mental-trauma, but you’re a survivor—good for you!

    Peace! Hugs! Aloha and Mahalo!


  • not the administrator
    not the administrator

    and get ready for alot of masturbation

  • tijkmo

    hate hate it

    like you i enjoy interaction...i am a people person and i dont (didnt like being alone)

    but i guess it depends on what you mean by alone...

    do you have a job that you interact with people in...i didnt

    do you friends that you can go and do things with...i didnt

    do you have family that you can visit or they visit you...i didnt

    everything i had revolved around jws and when i was df i lost everything and everyone but because i was trying to get back i didnt make new friends while i was alone...just sank further and further into isolation until now its almost too much bother to be with anyone...

    so my advice would be to actively pursue other things even though you absolutely dont feel like it...take a night class...join an interest club...never refuse an invitation to go anywhere with anyone because even though the activity itself might not be what you want it can get you meeting other people who you may well hit it off with...if someone had given me this advice i would have ignored it...but i know now that it is sound

    oh and dont give in to drink or drugs

    get out

  • under74

    Living alone is the best! I had roommates for 4 years and hated it. Sure it's nice sometimes to have people around to talk to but you can always invite people over for that. You just need to give it a little while...learn to live with yourself. You'll see it's good.

  • sonnyboy

    I've never lived alone before either. When I moved from my parents' house my brother tagged along, and this living situation has had its ups and downs.

    Even though I feel like strangling him sometimes, it's nice to have someone around to do things with, like play games or go for a spin. The thought of living by myself makes me feel depressed. Just being home by myself during the day is extremely boring.

    If you think living alone will be a problem, have you considered getting a roommate? I see a lot of ads in the paper with people requesting a certain type of roommate, that is if you don't have anyone to ask.

  • blondie

    Living Alone--loved it.

    1) Have a plan, schedule, goals

    2) Get out and about on a regular basis

    I loved being alone when it was my choice. I did not like being left out of social occasions.

    Make your home comfortable. Nice entertainment, TV/VCR/DVD what you can afford, something to play your CDs on, computer so you can post on JWD, keep it clean, comfy, colorful. Have a study schedule: learn to do something new (#2 will get you out of the house and meeting people); read for fun; have a hobby, music, art, writing, sports, etc.

    Living alone means

    No one eats the food you planned for dinner

    If the toilet isn't flushed--you did it

    You can keep the place at the temperature you like

    No one borrows your best jacket and gets mustard on it

    If the kitchen is dirty--you did it

    Or whatever roommates from Hell do


  • JH

    I always did live alone. No one to share anything with. No one to talk to. I even have hard times making and keeping friends. I guess I'm not worth it.

    But, there is a good side to living alone. You have no arguments, and can do what you want when you want....

  • LittleToe

    As one who has lived alone for the past couple of years, I've gotta say it's not as bad as it might seem.

    As anyone who has met me knows, I'm a people person, too. So I'm either out seeing people, or I'm in entertaining people. Wednesday night I had about 18 friends around to the house, with the last few leaving around 1:30am.

    Other than that, I'm busy studying a couple of distance learning courses (hey, it's gonna give ya time to do those studies you've been putting off!!), reading for pleasure, enjoying musical instruments (get the guitar out again), out burning up the road on the bike, hitting the TaiChi practice, corresponding online, or enjoying some sweet meditation time.

    It's kinda nice being able to do what I want, when I want. If you have the imagination for it, the sky's the limit. I can truly say I've forgotted what it was to be bored, it's been so long since I enjoyed the experience.

  • tijkmo

    wow lt you got 18 people living on that island?

  • blondie
    I even have hard times making and keeping friends. I guess I'm not worth it.

    Well, Rat, if you lived a little closer you could come over here for dinner, watch a DVD, play some cards, go to the park. My MIL would take you fishing. Do rats eat fish?

    Love, Blondie

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