Elders Will Be Notified & WILL FIND YOU in the Hospital

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  • joe134cd

    Interesting experience. I can't help but think the laps in the timing of paper work was what allowed them to be notified.

  • AudeSapere

    Thanks for the added comments.

    @disposable hero - Thank you. My current bike is a Honda Shadow 650. I have outgrown it, but can still have lots of fun on that bike...! and btw - Welcome to JWN. Nice to have you join us!

    @sparrowdown - Another newbie! Welcome~! and thanks for adding your story about visiting elders. I understand the possibility of 'lapsed judgement' and delay in processing updates to medical records. It's why I thought to bump this thread - as a reminder to fading and xjws to be aware of this unplanned opportunity to get back on JW radar.

    @Phizzy - Thanks for highlighting the need to update of 'Next of Kin' or 'Healthcare Agent'. It will override the family as your advocate in the event that you are not able to make decisions for yourself. That 'No Blood' bullshit just adds a layer of drama that busy doctors and nurses don't want or need. They may (or may not) try to cooperate with the desire for No Blood, but if they have to have *that* conversation, I'm sure they would prefer to have a logical, scientific discussion rather then have their hands completely tied with illogical, hypocritical, out-of-date info from a publishing company disguising itself as a religion. Glad you recovered nicely, too.

    @jookbeard - Thanks. All is good now.

    @LisaRose - Too true. But to be fair, as I recall, the man (JW 'brother') that showed up to visit me did not seem that pushy or initially intent to force an inquisition. His initial demeanor was reserved but friendly. But my own resistance kicked in right away and he seemed to just fall into the 'loyalty' questions. The dynamics were 'off' for both of us so, in hindsight, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'm being too generous. It's been almost 9 years since this incident. The fact that there was *ZERO* follow-up makes me think that he was not that serious in his questioning. Maybe just a kneejerk reaction to my defensiveness. IDK. But I do agree with you... Whether in the hospital, church, and life in general, other religions generally look to console, encourage, support, respect, enrich the lives of their members. JW's look to isolate those that are most in need of kindness, encouragement and support. At a person's lowest point, JW's find it necessary to unload that person and punish any who attempt to help them.

    @joe134cd - It's quite possible. Could be that immediately on admitting me, my name was passed on to JW clergy visitation list. The local elders must have been busy with life or something else for the 6 days I was there. [But I'm not complaining - at all!] It could also have been my sister who notified the local elders and asked for a visit. I still don't know for sure. But I hope that my experience helps make others aware of how quickly their fade can be jeopardized.

    This experience was upsetting at the time. And it might still be upsetting now if it happened again. More just the idea of violation of my privacy - especially in such a sensitive setting - that would anger me. Happily, there seems to be no trace of my JW history on my current medical records. But if the question ever comes up again, I will take more aggressive stance at the very beginning of the admissions process.

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    -Aude Sapere (meaning: Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding; Dare to Think for Yourself.)

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I'd sue the hospital for HIPAA violations or at least lodge a complaint with a HIPAA officer at the hospital. They may have a leak (a JW nurse or whatever) or they may simply adhere to any religion's requests regardless of personal preference. The hospital will take this VERY seriously, they really don't want to be investigated for HIPAA violations.

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    BTTT, for newbies

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