**MUST READ** AlanF's email to Knocking.org

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    Well done Alan, It is apparent your "heart" was truly in communication with your "mind" on this (what insight Freddie had). I like this approach. You are an encyclopedia of WT blunders but you made this personal first, and then pulled the shot gun trigger on their teachings. Considering what the "Knockers" producer thought he was doing, you out did him already. Farkel, I love that point you made about the blood in animal feed. I remember that coming out in the WT lit and thinking how wonderfully insightful the brothers were to cover all bases for the sake of our consciences. How could I have lived with myself if I had inadvertently fed my dog animal blood, after the poor pet's conscientious efforts to always pour out the blood of its catches and road kill. Yes, pulling the carcass out in the tire tracks several time to make sure the road kill got thoroughly squashed several times, ceremoniously splattering that sacred blood every direction until the it was fit to eat. How many times had I fed my loving dog with no regard for the bloodless holiness of the meal I offered? Gawd, was I dumber than a dog? Steve

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    Great work Alen!


    Have You Sen My Mother

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    If my memory serves me well, I recall that when the question of pets eating food made with blood was posited to Freddie Franz in a question-and-answer session at a District Convention, there was audible laughter from sections of the stadium, prompting Freddie to scold the audience before proceeding with his answer.

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    alanf & farkel eh?

    where would we dub debunkers be without 'em?


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    run dont walk

    since I came on this board I have always had respect for Alan, now thats tripled, well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is a fantastic read! When will this "knocking" project air?

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