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    Somebody needs to add this to the "BEST OF..." category

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    Excellent thought PurpleV.

    I love your avatar!


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    I think you are misleading the public in regards the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society being some bastion of free speech. Please review the following URL and tell me how is it they can be anything but hypocrites? Why would they be afraid of dissemination of their own words? They offer it for free or on a contribution basis, leave litterature in landromats, public restrooms, bus stops, ad infinitum..In my estimation it must be that they do not approve of anyone being critical of their absurd beliefs and will use "worldly" means such as the court to their own ends.


    Ask the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society about this case and see what answers you get. One can bet they will not comment even to you. I sincerely doubt you will respond, but if you are an honest filmaker please consider what you are doing and who exactly will benefit from not telling the entire truth.

    Travis Bush

    BTTT for Alan's awesome letter and one I sent to the Knocker email address.


    District Overbeer

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    Alan...excellent letter. Thanks for writing it!

    Your research is amazing! This is one great thread that I am going to book mark!!!


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    Great work, Alan! Even though you presented a lot of material, it still was punchy and gripping. Your bullet points alone on idiotic teachings by the WTS are gems for us and absolute poison thorns for the idiotics in Brooklyn who run the WT.

    When you get a chance, could you get me a shout and provide a reference for Chuckie Russell's claim that Armageddon came invisibly? I vaguely remember reading that, but can't remember where.

    There is another cartoonish regulation that was in effect in the 1960's that you might want to include. That was the one where the WTS told dubs that they could not purchase pet food that had any blood or blood products in it. What do they think dogs and cats do when they kill their own prey? Slit the animal's throat and hang it up from a tree until it is properly bled before they eat it?


    Wishing you and big and little Julie well.


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    Thanks, Alan. Splendid letter.


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    When you get a chance, could you get me a shout and provide a reference for Chuckie Russell's claim that Armageddon came invisibly? I vaguely remember reading that, but can't remember where.

    I don't know the authors, but here's the invisible Armageddon claim:

    *** THE WATCH TOWER 1922 November 1 pp.324-325 ***

    (Adopted by the International Bible Students Association in Convention at Cedar Point, Ohio, Sunday, September 10, 1922)

    THE International Bible Students in convention assembled deem it a duty and privilege to send this message to the nations of earth. As a body of Christians consecrated to obey and follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. we are opposed to engaging in war, revolution, anarchy, or violence in any form; and we are opposed to fraud and deception being practised upon the people by the misrepresentation of the Word of God or otherwise. We earnestly desire peace, prosperity and the blessing of the people with life, liberty and happiness; and we hold that the only means by which this can be accomplished is by and through the reign of Christ.

    In the light of the Word of God, and particularly of fulfilled prophecy, we submit the following as a true statement of the facts relating to present conditions:

    1. That the rulers of earth have frequently boasted that the World War was fought to make the world safe for democracy, which claim has proven to be a delusion and a snare;

    2. That the international conferences at Paris, Washington, Genoa and The Hague, participated in by the financiers and statesmen and approved by the denominational clergy of the world, held for the purpose, as announced, of establishing peace on earth, have failed to bring forth the desired result;

    3. That all of the nations of earth are now in distress and perplexity, as the Lord foretold they would be at this time, and that the entire social and political structure is threatened with complete dissolution; and the leading statesmen and rulers of the earth being aware of this fact and of their inability to establish peace and prosperity are frantically calling upon the denominational churches to save the world from disaster;

    4. That it is the desire of all the nations and peoples of earth that they might dwell in peace and enjoy life, liberty

    and happiness;

    5. That the people are being misled by those who are attempting to bring about this desire through international conferences and agreements in the form of the League of Nations and like compacts.

    We therefore call upon the nations of earth, their rulers and leaders, and upon all the clergymen of all the denominational churches of earth, their followers and allies, big business and big politicians, to bring forth their proof in justification of the position taken by them that they can establish peace and prosperity on earth and bring happiness to the people; and their failing in this, we call upon them to give ear to the testimony that we offer as witnesses for the Lord, and then let them say whether or not our testimony is true.

    Relying upon the Word of God and his providential dealings with mankind through Christ Jesus, we as his witnesses hold and testify as follows, to-wit

    1. That the World War came in 1914 and was followed by great famines, pestilences and revolutions in various parts of the earth exactly as foretold by the Lord;

    2. That 1914 marked the legal ending of the old world and there Christ the rightful King took unto himself his power as king;

    3. That the Lord Jesus Christ is now present, invisible to man, and proceeding with the work of establishing his kingdom, for which kingdom he taught his followers to pray;


    10. We further hold and testify that this Is the day of God's vengeance against Satan's empire visible and invisible;

    [...] Therefore we bring to the peoples of earth God's message of good tidings contained in the Bible, his Word of truth, and we publish to them his message of peace and everlasting salvation, to wit, that the King of glory, the Deliverer of man, is invisibly present and has begun his reign; that the old world, under the control of Satan has ended and is being rapidly broken in pieces, to make way for the everlastiug kingdom of righteousness now being set up, and that millions of people now living on earth, if obedient to the laws of that righteous kingdom, will continue to live and never die; and we call upon all nations, peoples, kindreds and tongues who love righteousness and hate iniquity to recognize and freely acknowledge that Jehovah is the only true God and that his beloved Son Christ Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords.

    *** Watchtower 1964 June 15 pp.365-6 Jehovah, the God of Progressive Revelation ***


    22 As Jehovah revealed his truths by means of the first-century Christian congregation so he does today by means of the present-day Christian congregation. Through this agency he is having carried out prophesying on an intensified and unparalleled scale. All this activity is not an accident. Jehovah is the one behind all of it. The abundance of spiritual food and the amazing details of Jehovah's purposes that have been revealed to Jehovah's anointed witnesses are clear evidence that they are the ones mentioned by Jesus when he foretold a "faithful and discreet slave" class that would be used to dispense God's progressive revelations in these last days. […]

    23 The holy spirit of Jehovah is working mightily today! How thankful we should be for the provision God has made of this slave class, the modern spiritual remnant, as they faithfully dispense the revealed truths of Jehovah! With these rich truths to light the way, Christians do not grope in this dark, jungle-like world as do the masses of people in Christendom and heathendom alike. To the contrary, Jehovah's faithful witnesses have been progressively brought to an understanding of Jehovah's purposes, which are clearer now than ever before in history. Their organization, being patterned after the first-century Christian congregation, is blessed by Jehovah. He has prospered their work of preaching "this good news of the kingdom" in 194 different lands to date. Each year they gather into the organization tens of thousands of new ministers, clearly a product of Jehovah's spirit operating through his invisible King-Son and his angelic representatives, then through his faithful slave class on earth today.—Matt. 24:14.

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  • AlanF

    I'm glad that people liked my letter. I somehow doubt, though, that it'll do much good. Engardia seems set in his ways -- typical of JWs. But from the huge number of people writing letters to PBS etc., I think that he'll be forced to reconsider.

    To date, I've received no response from Engardia.

    Farkel wrote:

    : When you get a chance, could you get me a shout and provide a reference for Chuckie Russell's claim that Armageddon came invisibly? I vaguely remember reading that, but can't remember where.

    In 1916 Russell announced in the September 1, 1916 Watch Tower (p. 265), that Armageddon had already started:

    In the meantime, our eyes of understanding should discern clearly the Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty now in progress.

    In 1917 the Society published Pastor Russell's Sermons, which said on page 676:

    The present great war in Europe is the beginning of the Armageddon of the Scriptures.

    There's a lot more stuff on what Russell and the Society claimed over the years about Armageddon in my writeup "Notes On False Prophets" here: http://www.geocities.com/osarsif/pro1.htm


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