**MUST READ** AlanF's email to Knocking.org

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    mouthy mom!

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    What a great letter. BUMP.

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    "Cartoonish Beliefs" -- excellent section title.

    I have to agree 100% with Alan's description of the JWs being intellectually dishonest. Once you can accept and learn to lie to yourself, everything else becomes false in your life.

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    This was an excellent essay by Alan F

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    potleg, the film "Knocking" ,which is very WT friendly, went out some years ago, I don't think Alans excellent summation had any great effect.

    (Edited to add, woops, just realised "potleg's" post was seven years ago on page one of this thread ! Jayzuz I am losing it !)

    I have saved Alan's e-mail in my file of stuff to use on JW's if ever needed, it really is so accurate and well written that even the most died in the wool JW must be given a huge dose of Cognitive Dissonance upon reading it.

    A regular bump is deserved indeed. Many of Alan F's old posts are pure gold.

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    Muddy Waters
    Wow, I stumbled onto this old thread, and it is a great read! I never saw the video, "Knocking", but even though it is older, would love to see it sometime. I love the way Alan F wrote so intelligently about so many of the harmful JW beliefs and their weird and extreme turn-arounds!

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