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    I would love to have documentation of all the stuff about Russell and Rutherford and all the WBTS predictions. Could someone refer me to such? It's not that I doubt the statements, but I'd love to be able to back it up if I ever send any of this info out to my relatives.

    I just counted five generations in my family who have bought into all the JW bullshit. How does this happen to people? I mean five generations, counting my nephews who are 2 - 10 years old!

    I'm so disgusted with my brother and sister right now because they're both college educated and I thought they'd get out (of the JWs) because of it (education). My brother graduated from NC State with an engineering degree, for god's sake; and married another college-educated foreign language expert JW (who is no doubt working as a JW missionary).

    The saddest thing is that I always thought my sis & bro were smarter than me, but I'm the one who's shunned for not believing in Jehovah and for being an atheist all these years.

    I was 15 when I left the "truth," again, for god's sake! WTF!? These words from the letter apply to me:

    "There are many stories of young teenagers doing the normal teenage stupid things, and ending up being shunned for life by their entire families."

    Going on 26 years for me; and the times my family did not shun me and tried to help me out, they risked being disfellowshipped themselves. I'm sure my mother has been informally shunned for that and because of her untreated mental illness.

    What a disgusting "religion." I want to sue for all the money my family has spent over the years on WBTS literature, for all the time lost to that society. I've been disinherited, I'm sure, too, although no one has ever mentioned it formally to me. I would be very shocked and surprised to find if I ever got an inheritance. If I did, it would go to Silent Lambs or some website like this one. GD the WBTS!!!!

    BTW, thank you for posting the letter. It is very informative. Sorry about the rant. I'm about to finish my second (or third ?) glass of wine.

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    I was 15 when I left the "truth," .............................

    Going on 26 years for me;

    Madame...interesting post.

    You'd think this insane religion would leave your ass alone after a few years of them knowing you'll never return. At that point, there entire purpose for shunning is useless and yet they still apply it. Do they actually think after being shit on by your own family you'd want any part of them? Apparently they do......and some who never learn they are a bogus religion actually return.

    I asked my wife onetime when I realised I'd lose contact with my grandkids after it was announced I was disfellowshipped, how long this shunning would continue even though I didn't want to be a witness any longer. I said...." till I'm an old man ....or till I die"? She never answered although we both knew the answer. Skipping ahead 10 years later...I'm lucky I can see and talk to them although there is still boundaries between myself and them set by their parents.


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    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/107698/3.ashx go here page 3 Seeking activist who live in Cleveland Ohio usa Screening times Knocking documentary
    Saturday, March 18 @ 2:30pm
    Monday, March 20 @ 9:45am
    Tickets available at www.clevelandfilm.org

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    Thanks Alan sKally& Danny

    If anyone knows a way some hobbit dwelling at the arse end of the world can see Knocking please let me know.


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    Dr Jekyll

    I believe its available on DVD from the knocking website

    Isn't it suppose to be very pro dub though, made with the intention of selling it to a captured dub market that will buy any sh*t that portrays them in a positive light.

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