Can the world condition be worse than this?

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  • cofty

    Abiather you seem to have a habit relating facile stories as a substitute for actual evidence.

    We live in the best time in all of human history.

  • abiather


    Whenever I read your comments, it reminds me of this one particular Senator

  • abiather


    Humans have given me bitterness—including my sweet heart!

    Hence I trust only God. I go into meditation, and stop all my thinking (talk of the mind). Depending upon the need of the hour, I assume God as my Father, Preceptor, Companion, Sweet Heart, Mother, Teacher and God Almighty, and receive a sort of link to a supernatural source of power, pure feeling, joy, love, peace, discretion, and bliss respectively.

    If I sense any problem in my day-to-day life, I alert Him, and He pre-empts it for me! (You may laugh at this—yet this is my experience)

  • cofty
    Abiather - Since I stand for reason and evidence as opposed to dogma and superstition your analogy is perverse
  • DJS


    I'm sorry the human race has harmed you so. We are a pathetic species in many ways, it is true. But we are also capable of wonderful things, and we seem to be getting more wonderful with each passing year. Whatever gets you through the night, is alright. Or, put another way that you might better understand, from the bible: "One who isolates himself pursues selfish desires; he rebels against all sound judgment."

  • freemindfade
    You have to think of it this way, there are a lot more people on earth every year, and our access to data has changed dramatically. In one way this has brought more attention to atrocities. But when you think about what was going on during ww1 and ww2, the and centuries before, this earth has been through some pretty twisted times. Ive been on earth 35 years, I don't feel qualified to say oh this time is so bad. 
  • jwfacts

    You should read Pinker's The Better Angels Of Our Nature. Exactly the opposite to what you state is happening, and we are in by far the most peaceful time in history. The fact that you are shown two or three atrocities on the news each night gives you a falsely negative opinion, but there are billions of humans on earth, with a higher percentage than ever living healthy peaceful lives.

  • eyeuse2badub

    How f**ked up was the world when, according to the Bible there were only 4 known people on earth. Bad boy Cain murdered his brother. 25% of the world's population is wiped out by one act of violence. Worse yet is that jehober knew that of Cain's murderous intentions and did not even warn nor protect his "loyal servant" Abel!

    just saying!


  • DJS

    Repeating myself: For 100,000 years the average life expectancy of humans was 34, including the year 1900. And life was no picnic for those who lived a long life. If you broke something you limped or were otherwise impeded, crippled or disfigured. If a fungus, skin infection or something grew on you somewhere it stayed until you died, likely disfiguring you at the worst and making you not so hot at the best. If your tooth got knocked out you looked like shit the rest of your life, unless you were lucky enough to get a wooden or metal one. If your eyesight gave out, you bumped into things. If you relied on your keen eyesight for making a living (most of us do), such as a cobbler, blacksmith, etc., your ability to be gainfully employed and feed yourself/family was greatly impacted.

    And in some cultures, if you were really old and feeble, or just kinda old and feeble, they took your sorry ass  out into the wilderness to die. Nothing personal.

    And forget about signing up for food stamps, welfare, unemployment, social security or disability.

    So my irrational end-of-timer, dumb-ass, friends, pick a time period in which you think things were so much better. Go ahead, make my day. 

  • galaxie

    Abiather.. I certainly won't laugh at your experiences, but there are clearly precedents which mirror your reasoning ,as there are which show the human brain can convolute to salve the disappointments and heartache in life, unfortunately the brain being a master conjurer can lead to a delusionary state which will appear to the sufferer as real. Focusing on evidence,facts and an open mind to reason and argument without a dogmatic stance is imo the best route to happiness. Reliance on the supernatural is the path of lazy ignorance.

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