Do you like your given name?

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  • prophecor

    Hated my name for a long time. Dorks were always named Arthur. How many episodes of Monty Pythons Flying Circus did I have to watch to be convinced that my name was an embaressment?

    As I grew older, I'd come to appreciate it. It has an aire of distinction attached to it. It's also hard for most people to forget as it's often associated with knighthood ( King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table ).

  • upside/down

    Love it.... people love to say it... I get many compliments and it's RARE.

    "ACCOMANDO" (Italian/Sicilian) pronounced exaclty like it looks.

    I should start my own clothing line, accesories line, perfume etc. It'd be perfect!

    u/d (of the I get dillusional sometimes class)

  • Abaddon

    I hated being called Gyles as a kid; that is Geye-yels, not Guy-yels...

    Worst of all, as a kid, was I had a lisp. 'Gyelsh' was the best I could do. No wonder I was called by a nickname, Ghillie, until I was eight.

    I got over lisp, and by around seventeen liked it. It's unusual.

    I also have middle names, Julian Hawkins. The Hawkins is after a supposed Great x 8 Grandfather.

    I LOVE names meanings, but, well. Gyles means young goat; kid. LOL

    In context, when the name we pronounce Gyles was coined (in Greece), it would have meant something like 'warrior', as the conotation of kid was martial; it was a reference to shield covering.

    Julian mean 'downy-bearded' and is very apt as I am something of a Joshua. Hawkins is either Hawk kin, or 'son of house-ruler'. Williams means 'son of strong helmet', but I don't know if 'hemlet' has humourous penile connotations in US English. In context it would have meant indomintable.

    Thus I am Baby-Beard Warrior, son of Hawk, son of Indominatable. Droll.


    One of my daughter's middle names is Shenandoah, so it kind of fits...

  • mapleaf18

    Rare isn't always good. try living in america with a canadian/jamaican first name. simply horrible!

  • GetBusyLiving

    I don't like it having seen 'When Harry Met Sally"..


  • Mulan

    My middle name is Joy, and I've always like that too.

    Now one of my best buds is named Joy. Seems appropriate too since she is always joyful................well, most of the time. She is Joyzabel here.

    I had problems with my maiden name because no one ever got it right. It's Maxfield, and I was "Maxwell, Mayfield, Field, Maxine" and many other variations until I got married and became a King. That one is seldom mistaken for anything else.

  • Mulan
    I didn't when I was a kid - but I really like it now because its relatively unusual

    Yes, Angharad, I can definitely say I don't know anyone else with that name.

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