Do you like your given name?

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  • JW83

    Black Sheep, A homosexual biblical character?! Do tell!

    I like my name now, because it is a bit unusual, but didn't much like it when I was growing up. I LOVE my husband's surname, & changed to it even though I am a strident feminist. I will keep the name even if I chuck him!


  • Angharad
    Angharad, is your name Welsh or ?

    Yes it's Welsh - it means much loved.

    either resort to Gaz (which incidentally I hate) or G

    I get that - I can't stand being called ANN

  • Englishman

    I'd never heard of the name Angharad until Poldark made an appearance. It sounds nice when the r is properly rolled, Welsh fashion.


  • OldSoul
    Odrade: I LOVE my screen name, even if no one knows how to pronounce it... it has meaning to me.

    If you are named after Darwi, I would say it would be pronounced either "o-DRAY-dee" or "o-DRAH-dee" since she said her name was derived from Atreides.

    If not, I have no idea. Spill, spill. Dispel the mystique once and for all.


  • Chia

    I hate my name and I always have. My mother thought I was going to be a boy, and had an adorable name picked out. But when she saw that I was a girl, she had NO CLUE what to name me. The nurses kept pressuring her to name me, so she gave me this name that she didn't even know how to spell, so she took a stab at it. My name is fairly unique and ethnic, and I have rarely seen it spelled the way my name is spelled. It leads to lots of mispronunciation. I definitely won't change it now though, it's too late for that. My middle name is OK, it's also unique. As for my last name, I've been told it's very British, though I am not British. I like it well enough, and I will keep my last name when/if I get married if I can.

  • Beachbender

    Oh geeezz I can get behind this post ALOT!!! I hate my first name! Tammara.....teachers NEVER knew how to pronounce it correctly, then toss in my last name, I was always embarrassed the first day of school. I have been called Tammy most of my life and then when I reached my 30`s I didn`t like being called that, it didn`t make me feel like an adult much! I do like my middle name though it`s Elaine. I always liked the name Theresa, or Stacey, maybe even Stephanie.

  • Chia

    I always wanted to be Annabella or Olivia. I love long, romantic sounding names like that.

    I also always liked the name Madison Elizabeth. But I definitely don't look like a Madison.

  • whyamihere

    I love my Middle name.

    Brooke Autumn. I think it sounds kind of pretty. I look like a Brooke this I know!

    Brooke Autumn....It's like a Fancy Hippie


  • MelbaToast

    lol at this THread, my first name Is Melanie, my mom says b/c of gone with the wind, Ah do deeclare:)

    and my middle name is a early 60s rocker, Dion.....spelled the same and everything....At first I didnt my full name coz ppl would mispronounce it, and if they did I would be like...what rock have you been living under?

    But its unique...I didnt get the short end of the brothers name is Lief Donovan!

  • Odrade

    Country woman: Darwi Odrade Atreides... don't have a clue who that virgin woman is but I am NOT one of those... LOL. (although I do like cows, so good for her saving them!)

    Old Soul: Oh-DRAH-dee or Oh-DRAH-day is good. Hubby calls me OH-drayd 'cause he thinks he's being funny.

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