Do you like your given name?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I hated I mean I HATED my birth name - first name, last name, and middle

    so I got married and got rid of the last name

    then the government in Quebec decreed all women should forever be known as their maiden name YUCK YUCK YUCK

    So I divorced him and went back to school and shortened my first name but was still stuck with the last name

    So I left the province and legally changed the first name and dropped the middle name and then married and got a new last name

    Well I left him too but I AM KEEPING THIS NAME

    I like it too much to give it up!!!

    OK I know too much info lol

  • TresHappy

    Yes anything's better than being named Moon Unit!

  • tetrapod.sapien

    i am named after a biblical charachter that might never have even existed. and if he did, he is responsible for god decreed genocide. kind of as bad as being named adolf. if i could change my name, i would change it to: a.a #709, or Darwin.

  • Lehaa

    I love my given name. Leah.

    At times as a kid I wanted to shorten it to Lee, but now I love it.

  • Es

    Still dont know if like my name Esther. But nobody calls me that they call me es which i like. I dont know Esther said out loud has a nice ring to it i guess

  • Odrade

    I've never been able to decide about my first name... HATE my middle name, and I liked my last name, but then I got married (while a dub) and took hubby's last name which isn't nearly so nice. I've always kind of wished I could change it back. Oh well.

    About my first name... it's not very serious or business-like, it always kind of struck me as a cheerleader or a sorority girl---which I am so NOT! LOL. *sigh* oh well, at least I'm not named Myrgatroid.

    I LOVE my screen name, even if no one knows how to pronounce it... it has meaning to me.

  • Lehaa

    Hey Odrade.

    I have no idea what the law is over there but here your married name is just an assumed name.

    You can go back and change it any time you want

    I'ts easy.

  • Odrade

    LOL, yeah it's easy legally, just a petition and a fee. But then I'd have to change the name on my credit card, bank statements, social sec #, mortgage, business licenses, professional license... etc, etc. It would be such an incredible hassle, not enough hours in the day. ugh.

  • Lehaa

    know the feelin.

    I've been puttin it off for ages.

    Gonna do it next week, sick of carrying my ex surname around.

  • Odrade

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention... I'm still married to the guy with the so-so last name, and I kinda like him... So, how to explain keeping the guy but not the last name to all my friends and family??? Not enough hours in the day!

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