Barb Anderson's Court Hearing Update

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Hey everybody,

    We are pleased with all of your encouraging responses. Also, we perceive by the number of people, who are reading the summation of our latest court hearing that there is much interest in this lawsuit. Please continue to respond as we welcome your thoughts, pro and CON, for that matter. We learn from your input, suggestions, and direction. We welcome any private messages, too. Some of you have already e-mailed. We might not answer all messages, but if you have some constructive thoughts and ideas on this lawsuit that you want to share, please let us hear from you.

    Although no one has been critical of our appraisal of the appearance of Phil Brumley at the court hearing, be assured that we did not mean to portray him in any negative way. We were just so surprised at such a huge change in his demeanor and countenance after all these years. Perhaps life at the Patterson WT headquarters might account for this. To be fair, Phil Brumley, as overseer of WT Legal Dept., has had a high-stress desk job for many years. In addition, because he works and lives within a very small community of buildings, there is little opportunity for lots of walking to get needed exercise, which certainly can work off stress and tension.

    In Brooklyn Heights, where Phil used to live, the Bethel family does a lot of walking, and that helps to keep them slim and in better health. When we lived in Brooklyn, we used to comment about the numerous old, old, old Brooklyn and NYC residents that could be seen every day walking to the shops, etc. How did they get to be so old? Probably by walking, walking, walking! Interestingly, when our son was transferred from Brooklyn Bethel to Patterson Bethel, when he was in his 30s in the mid 90s, he also gained weight and, by the way, lost the rest of his hair! Maybe it is something in the Patterson water supply!

    Oh, by the way, from time to time, we will be using AndersonsInfo to share information that we think might be interesting to all of you who have had their lives deeply touched by the Watchtower organization, so stay tuned.

    Barbara and Joe

  • Gerard

    Hello Ms ANderson, I have a couple of questions:

    What is the purpose of suing the WT for "wrongful disfellowshipping"? Do you want an apology or be reinstated?

    How come you don't seem to have taken legal steps against the WT regarding the most pressing matter, the information you gathered on child abuse?

    We are pleased that the Watchtower has made it a priority to look out for the welfare of its members children by immediately removing men from positions of authority when an accusation of molestation has been made.

    You seem to imply that this is a done deal and that it has been successfully implemented. Did it occur to you that WT's lawyers just stated this in order to get their client off the hook? What about the dozens of sexual abuse cases that were covered & silenced?

    Will justice be made? Will you help?



  • Daytona

    Appreciate the update.


  • AndersonsInfo

    Good questions, Gerard.

    Regarding whether we had asked to be reinstated, if you will take a few minutes and go to Randy Watters Freeminds website and click on Barbara Anderson Anecdotes and read LEGALLY ESTABLISHING AND DEFENDING THE TRUTH, there you will find reinstatement briefly discussed. It was WT attorneys who brought this subject up in one of their briefs, contrary to what was stated in our Complaint. I never asked to be reinstated because I was not guilty of committing any of the sins outlined in 1 Cor 5:11-13. I did not fornicate, lie, steal, etc.; hence, I was wrongfully punished.

    An apology from WT would be wonderful, but since this does not seem to be the way this organization handles its errors, we thought that perhaps a lawsuit might make an impression on them as to the harm they caused us, our family, my reputation here in the Bible Belt, and to my health, etc. Later, when there is opportunity, Bill Bowen of Silentlambs will put on his site our filed Complaint, along with filed WT motions and our filed responses. We are sure you will find them extremely interesting reading.

    As to why I have not taken legal action against the WT in regards to the information I gathered on child abuse, I wish I could answer that question now, but I can not. We are in the middle of litigation and there are many things that can not be said. I hope that you respect my position in this matter at this time.

    As we said in our appellate court hearing summation, we know that WT has changed its attitude in one area of the sexual child abuse issue, and also moved forward to implement some rules that would better protect children and help root out child abusers. I might add that these new rules also help protect the organization from liability. Whether all men in positions of authority in the congregations will do the right things in this matter, who can say with certainty. We are hopeful because there are many good JW men. Although the WT organization has, to our knowledge, not ceased to apply their TWO WITNESS rule, if sexual abuse victims or their caregivers are free to go to the police with their accusations without any penalty, then, as far as we are concerned, WT elders can continue to use their so-called Bible-based rule to sit in judgment of an accused person within a congregational setting to decide whether to disfellowship or not. What they can not do is ignore the authorities, and apply this rule to pronounce guilt or innocence as if they were appointed magistrates in a court of law.

    You asked if it occurred to me that WT lawyers are just stating that men who are accused of molestation will be immediately removed from positions of authority just to get their client off the hook? I sincerely hope not. We have heard that it is now the policy of the WT to do just what I said they are doing and some elders have backed that statement up. We certainly do not believe what WT states that they are doing is a done deal, just like we don't believe the words the Catholic Church uses -- words that are really only good intentions, which have not yet solved their pedophile priest cover-up problem. It is deeds we look for.

    It is up to good people to be vigilant and look out for the welfare of children. With revelations of so much sexual child abuse in our midst, all of us have been forced to take off our rose-colored glasses and realize that there are evil people who have used the WT religious organization for their own ends, and that there are WT leaders who have allowed these people to get away with it because they refused to accept reality or worse.

    You ask, "What about the dozens of sexual abuse cases that were covered and silenced? Will justice be made? Will you help?" I know without a doubt that it is more than dozens of cases. But, the past is past. For most victims, statutes of limitations have run out, but lawyers are doing the best they can by representing a few dozen good cases which will, in a way, represent hundreds or probably thousands of victims. Now we have to let the courts settle this, and if found guilty, the WT and/or its representatives will have to pay damages because they were not vigilant and caring, nor did they clearly teach their elders to consistently obey the reporting laws set up by governments, or even encourage WT members to do so.

    Is there justice? An attorney friend of ours said once that there is no such thing as justice, there are only statutes. If a person is found guilty of violating a statute, he has to bear the consequences. We are doing what we can to bring to the attention of the world those who have violated the statutes that involve the reporting or coverup of sexual abuse of children. When I went forward with this cause, it was, as I told the press, to complain about WT policies because they were inadequate and did not protect children. Rather, WT policies, I believe, did just the opposite--they helped protect the molesters. Now it is up to WT, and other organizations too, to make sure their policies protect children. So we watch as religious and other organizations move forward in this regard. Are they changing their attitudes and policies? Surely, it is in the best interests of everyone concerned to do so.

    With much sincerity,


  • Joyzabel

    Thanks for posting this, Barbara.

    Just my 2 cents:

    I thought it was interesting watching the JW lawyer from the "otherside". Boy, was he a walking, talking, bethelite clone. He sounded articulate and had all his court cases in hand to back up his claims. But listening to his content, he wasn't really addressing the issues they had appealed, just blowing their own horn that JW's have 1st admendment privileges. I thought at first the 3 judges were impressed with the JW background but when Ed Bell was done with his explanation of the brief, I think they had a different idea about what the lawsuit was about.

    It will be very interesting to hear what the appelate court's judgement will be.

    You and Joe keep up the good work and excellent example you are setting for all to see.



  • Pistoff

    Gerard wrote:

    You seem to imply that this is a done deal and that it has been successfully implemented. Did it occur to you that WT's lawyers just stated this in order to get their client off the hook? What about the dozens of sexual abuse cases that were covered & silenced?

    Will justice be made? Will you help?

    Gerard, please review the history of Barb and Joe Anderson; the amount of help they have rendered at great personal cost is more than anyone can ask of a person. Because of her former position and now national recognition, Barb has helped to do what many considered impossible: force the WT to change policy. Every witness family should send Barb, Joe and Bill cards of thanks; sadly, all they will get from the vast majority is scorn and hatred for being "apostate". The irony of this reality is almost too much to bear; that the rank and file have had their children's world made more safe by someone they have been told to hate, shun and ignore.

    Thanks, Barb and Joe. I respect and applaud your courage in doing what you have done.

  • wiegel

    Thank you, Barbara, for the update and your courage.


  • toladest

    Gerard, you obviously are not aware of all that Barb and Joe have done. They were once members of the Bethel family. Barb did research regarding child abuse cases and tried to get people in higher position to make changes. No one listened! Later Barb was DFed and shunned by some of her own family. When Joe stepped down as an elder because of the lies he saw the WTS tell he was also DFed. They have gone through SO MUCH! Barb was featured on Dateline NBC and had recorded that show LONG before she was DFed. What a brave step to take after spending her life as a JW, after bring her son up as a JW, and have a JW elder husband.

    Barb, Thanks SO much for standing up for me and all the other victims of child sexual abuse! You don't know the impact you have had on my life! I met you only once in person in NY and once on the phone, but I love you more than you will ever know!

    Laurie Fitzwater

  • Joker10

    I am glad positive things have come out of this.

    How do you feel about Bill Bowen using his position as the spokesman of Silentlambs, an organisation for child abuse victims, to crush the WatchTower by talking about other issues that has nothing to do with child abuse? (example anti-cult seminars, Vh1 Special...)

    Again, hope all things go well for you and your family.

  • wannaexit

    Hi Barb,

    Been away from my computer for a few days and only now have read your update. Sounds like things are moving along. I wish you and Joe the best in your fight against Watchtower


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