Barb Anderson's Court Hearing Update

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  • blondie

    Thanks, Barbara. I feel like I was there. I hear you and I can hear Bill. Thanks for hanging in there, along with your lovely husband (and mom). You have both paid a heavy price. Bill too. Thanks to all the brave JWs and ex-JWs.

    Love, Blondie

  • HappyDad

    All I can say love and prayers are with you and yours Barb.



  • Aude_Sapere

    Thank you for the update!

    Thank you for your efforts.

    Thank you for your valor.

    Thank you for your integrity.

    and thank you for your love of our children.


  • Honesty

    Thankyou for the update. You guys have made a big difference in the manner which the WTBTS deals with child molestation problems, which definitely exist in many congregations, even though they refuse to acknowledge it.

  • jst2laws


    Glad you saw Barbara's thread. I know you are interested.

    You mentioned:

    child molestation problems, which definitely exist in many congregations, even though they refuse to acknowledge it.

    Yes, WT leadership refuses to acknowledged the problem publicly. I just wanted to mention that most elders (I don't know you well, perhaps your too were a JW elder) are truly unaware of the severity of the problem. I became aware of it six or seven times over 29 years as an elder but each time I thought I it must have been a unique problem, because I didn't hear of it from others. That was rather naive of me because I too was carefull to never reveal such problems to elders in other congregations feeling a little ashamed that it had happened in MY congregation especially desperate to protect the molested child from embarassment.

    So when JW elders objected to my going public with the problem I understood they were sincere in their objections. They were truly unaware of the extent of the molestation problem. Nearly all of them still are unaware of the problem. The GB is different, along with many of the good old boys at bethel as well as many CO's and DO's. Most of them are aware by now and part of the problem.

    They are the ones who "refuse to acknowledge it" as you say. Especially the WT attorneys who know all of this and yet come to court to use every legal loop hole, trick and deception to continue hiding the the problem.

    Barb Anderson

    You did a good job, and yes, I'm back online


  • outnfree

    Hi, Barb (and Joe, and Mom and Steve!),

    I am so honored to have met you all and wanted to thank you for the above information, your courage, integrity and chutzpah! And your stubborn, righteous, doggedness.

    May Justice prevail.



  • sf


    He has lost most of his hair and gained considerable weight, plus, add to that the aging process, along with his facial features seemingly frozen into a mask of perpetual solemnity, to me he looked like a close relative of Ted Jaracz,.

    Ha!! What a hoot. Kinda like when Ted and Melita seen her at lunch, go to this thread if you see a red x [ "Lunch with Ted and Melita Jaracz" {photo enclosed}-- ]:

    Bill Bowen of drove in from Paducah, Kentucky to join us. This was the first time Bill met our extraordinary attorneys, who have long wanted to meet the man who has and still is sacrificing so much to help victims of sexual child abuse at the hands of Jehovah Witness molesters.

    Yes, which is a good reason to help support this organization, any way we can.

    Bill Bowen did not follow but went up to Phil Brumley, who was standing with the Watchtower Defendants, and offered him a little stuffed lamb. Phil refused the lamb and told Bill he would rather not talk to him. Bill then told Phil that the lamb represented all the people he hurt by what he did, and although he refused it, he will see a lot more lambs wherever he went. And to remember they represent the children he has hurt. Shame on you! Bill said. Quickly, Rob Harvey, the Defendants Nashville attorney came over to Bill and told him to step away from his client. Bill told Mr. Harvey that Phil was not his client, he was a lawyer! And just like Mr. Brumley, Mr. Harvey hurts children by what he does. And with that said, Bill turned and walked away.

    Refusing the lamb...that is a shame. His statement speaks volumes. Bill gets 'E' for effort.

    Thanks again Barb. Love ya.


  • Forscher

    Thanks for the update Ms. Anderson. My wife was among the victims of the WTBTS policies (silenced in the 1960s), so I've been watching how the whole issue is playing out in the courts.


  • codeblue

    First of all, a very warm welcome to the board

    Thanks for the update Barbara....very interesting!!!

    It has been a pleasure to get to know both you and Joe......I anxiously await your vindication in court!!!


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    thanks Barbara, for the update...

    you know that there is a special circle in Hell for these men....

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