Raised a witness from 3 years of age by my mom. Dad was never a JW but did not openly object. Dared to question the elders at age 27 on the child abuse issue and they decided I was a "danger to the congergation". They decided to DF, I appealed, appeal brothers did not want to DF me, all argued then decided to write the WTS. They put me through too much so I wrote a letter of disassociation. Head elder would not accept it until we got word from the WTS. Word was to DF so they asked how I wanted it announced. DF or DA. I said DA cause I thought people would think I cheated on my husband if I were DFed. They thought that anyway. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I went on to continue my education and am now a licensed insurance agent. My kids get to be normal kids and we get to be a normal family. We love spending the weekends having fun as a family instead of suffering through meetings and field service. UPDATE: My now ex-husband had a breakdown of sorts due to abuse he suffered as a child. Unfortunately, he he did not want to continue his life with me and the kids who were 15 and 17 at the time of the divorce. He married another woman but he is totally withdrawn and says that happiness is irrelevant. I have since moved on and am happily engaged and living near Nashville, TN.