Hi everyone... the PIG's Flyin' Now!

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  • under74

    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for introducing yourself.....even though I didn't when I found this forum.

    under74 (of the the barge in and make yourself at home class)

  • burnthepig

    Thanks guys.. really!

    Iggy.. I actually prefer fish... You look pretty healthy, If I do say so! Mmmm.. Where's my Lime & Cilantro?

    I can't tell everyone how relived I am to be here... I live in SC.. Was from Atlanta... GA originally, Come from a large, somewhat popular family, Most of Which are still J.W.'s. Needless to day it is very hard. I was baptized at the unripe ole' age of 17! Then married! -At 3 Months after I turned 19, to an Elders Son... (Long Long Story!) I'm sure we've all been there.. Stayed with him for 6 years.. Almost committed suicide once. Deep depresion due to handling all the Bullshit I knew was going on with everyone I knew. It was sick.. When I went to the Elders... I was told pretty much "that Jehovah woudl handle everything in it's own due time" The hypocrysy.. Lies... deceit.... Immorality... Abuse.. It just got to be too much... And I could not keep swallowing all of the Lies.. If another wittness tells me that it is all due to "Human Imperfection.. Wer're all just Imperfect Humans.. hun... " I swear I'll scream! Anyway I could go on.. and On! I have since remarried a "WORLDLY guy" He's great! I live on a little Island of the Coast of S.C. (Hilton Head) And also in a high security community, So I don't get any knocks on my door! Thank God!

    At this point, I don't know what I believe.. I just know what I DON'T Believe...

    Just glad to be a part of a real family.

    De Pig

  • Carmel

    Oink, oink! (Roughly translated, Velcome, Velcome!)


  • iggy_the_fish
    At this point, I don't know what I believe.. I just know what I DON'T Believe...

    Hey that's pretty cool, knowing what you don't believe.

    And thanks to my globe (which lives on my desk) I now know where South Carolina is. It seems to be just below North Carolina. Hoodathunkit? Next time we're visiting the Mother-in-law in Cornwall, I'll have a look out across the Atlantic, see if I can see your island!


  • lilbit

    Hi pig welcome to the board. Where in atlanta are you from? I grew up in power springs just outside of atl.


  • kls
    I Got SO excited about all of the NORMAL people hereI Got SO excited about all of the NORMAL people here

    I have been called alot of things but never normal,,,,,,,,,,lol

  • BrendaCloutier

    Oh boy, look out, another flying pig!


    Normal? That's only a cycle on a washing machine. Me I'm of the Macadamia Nut House, for exoctic nuts like me!

    Joking aside, welcome Pig! I'm glad you're here and not there.



  • delilah

    Hi pig and a warm welcome to you from Canada....you will most definitely enjoy the company here, as i do. Say, you don't happen to live near Paula Deens now do you???? I love her show on the Food network. Just asking..


  • upside/down


    But I'm sorry to inform you that the lunatics are definitely running the asylum... here on JWD and at the WTS!


  • HadEnuf
    At this point, I don't know what I believe.. I just know what I DON'T Believe...

    I hear ya pig! Welcome to the forum! You are now amongst friends.

    Cathy L.

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