What stupid things did you confess to the elders?

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  • bennyk

    Not exactly stupid CONFESSIONS, just stupid that I opened my mouth at all:

    1) told ONE elder in another cong (an old friend) that I was anointed. He suggested that a medical examination determine whether a brain tumor was present. [NO TUMORS were discovered.] My having spoken to him has complicated my "fade".

    2) told ONE elder in a third cong (another old friend) that by the ORG's definition I was guilty of apostasy (for numerous and sundry heretical beliefs, some of which we discussed) and that the WTS has become the object of golden-calf idolatrous worship and that never again would I set foot in a KH. He promised he would not denounce me and said he hoped we could stay in touch.

  • kilaine

    Dan-O The elder was more concerned that I told his wife first -- she blabbed.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I didn't confess to the elders but my ex did. She told them all our nasty sexual postions, blow by blow accounts about our depraved lust. They told her not to do it and that was the end of our marraige. I think the old boys used to get their jollies out of what my my ex would tell them.


  • Quotes

    Well, I told the elders that I found LOVE LETTERS that my faithful and spiritual (now ex-) wife had written to a young handsome elder in another congregation.

    She admitted it, and they swept it under the carpet, because it was getting in the way of their real goal: investigating ME for apostasy.

    Seriously. At my 2nd Investigative Committee:

    Me: "What about my wife Patty? What about those letter to Mike Rubio? What about the part where she wishes I would die in a car accident?"

    Elders: "Yes, we have discussed that with her, and dealt with the matter" (i.e. nothing was done at all) "Now tell us more about why you are not going to meetings"

    ~Quotes, of the "Shout out and props to Patty, Mike Rubio, and all the others" class

  • burnthepig

    When I was young.. and so, so, innocent... I happened to confess quite a bit.. Kissing a boy.. (finally at age 15!) and making out with another boy... The Elder I fessed up to (a known cut-throat business man.. with a nasty drinking habit, and wife issues) The clincher was the amount of details he asked.. and the fact that instead of speaking to me at the hall, and with additional Elders, he had me to his house, in his living room, while his wife was away. Asking very detailed questions... AND Sillly Silly me.. I answered all of them... in Detail. He kept exusing himself from the room from time to time.. and now I can only get sick thinking about it. Now that I am older.. I cannot believe some of the "EldersMeetings" I was called into. And wittnessing grown men getting away with molesting girls, groping girls, and the like.. With never a REAL lawsuit or court getting involved.. It will make you sick.. I have since vowed to never expose my children to this. EVER!

    Fallen Out Of a World Of Lies...

    The Pig

  • EvilForce

    My brother turned himself in for masterbation....

    He then would be dragged into meetings every few weeks to see how he was doing with this issue.

    THe only time I was in front of a committe was when a friend / roomate of mine turned himself in for having sex with his g/f. They got off with private reproof and a 20 minute meeting. I got hauled in because "I bought alcohol, and allowed my friend / roomate to drink it". I told them I lived with 4 people, 3 of us are of age - 1 is not. He was 20 1/2 years old. I didn't put a gun to his head to drink it...he helped himself to it. Puuhllezze! So they spent the next hour on a witch hunt asking me every question under the sun about what I might be doing wrong. Masterbate? Nope. Well if you don't masterbate you must be having sex with a woman? Nope. A man? Nope. Beastiality? I got up at this point and told them that they had obviously overstepped their bounds and I was going over to my father's house (he was presiding overseer) and tell them what they just did. They sat there stunned that I would tell them off and leave.

    I told my father what had happened, and he said he was told they were simply going to talk to me. So my father called up one of the elders and that elder LIED and said it was just "a meeting" not a judicial committee matter. I yelled at them they were lying the next meeting... why had there been 3 elders there then? Why did the use the word "committee" when I first sat down with them. If I didn't "know the rules" they play by I would have been toast. Damn, Pharasis.

    And you shall know them by their works.

  • trevor
    My brother turned himself in for masterbation....
    He then would be dragged into meetings every few weeks to see how he was doing with this issue.

    What was their advice for dealing with the issue - use a tissue?

  • EvilForce

    The usual failed prescrition.

    More field service, more prayer, attend all meetings, not allow himself to be alone.

  • Euphemism

    EvilForce... yikes! Why did they have it in for you? Was it a political thing against your dad? Or did they suspect your orientation?

  • EvilForce

    Yes, I had been spending an awful lot of time around the family dog.... beastiality as if that's a huge problem. UGH.

    No, my other roomate who was a Jo Ho at the time as well got pulled into a meeting right before mine. After we both got out we compared notes and they asked the same sick questions. They were simply on a witch hunt. They had said "We hear you guys have huge parties, with lots of alchol involved".

    I was like, "Um I work 30 hours a week, take 15 to 18 credit hours at college, plus do JW stuff", like I have any time at all. My roomate worked 80 hours a week. And the other roomie was never around. We honestly didn't party because I would never party around Jo Ho's anyway because of getting busted.

    So since I was only making 2 of the meeting per week instead of 3 I obviously was up to something satanic, evil, and pleasurable. They were trying to assert their control over me.

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