What stupid things did you confess to the elders?

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  • delilah

    I remember "confessing" to the elder body of three very old decrepit (sp?) and bloody DEAF men, that i had committed"fornication". They didn't hear me, so i ended up yelling to them at the top of my voice....i could hear the echo in the hall and it spooked me. Then i started to laugh, really hard, and when they wanted details, i gave them all the gory details i could conjur up....ha ha , they all sat there red-faced and suddenly quiet. i felt kinda bad afterwards, oh well...served them right for being so nosy!!!!


  • kilaine

    That my unbelieving husband was growing/selling pot. I can be such a doofus at times!

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ..yes, I told the Elders a thing or two, or three for that matter.

    When I came back from studying Architecture in Italy ( after giving up my life as a full time pioneer) ; no sooner had I moved back into my parents house and I was invited to a Judicial Comittee meeting ( I was the guest of honor) where I was accused of "living in sin" with "a woman" and taking illegal drugs.

    I wish it was true; but it was not. Truth is, I was still a virgin ( at age 22 !) and still considered myself a Jehovahs Witness. They kept insisting that their sources were correct. And I told them that they were misinformed, that they were poor excuses for elders because they could not produce any witness and that they had no love for their Christian Brother.. My father, an elder who accompanied me to the meeting, told them that they heard the truth from me, what more did they want?. Bood , Dad, they wanted blood.....

    I can still remember the PO yelling at me that I was A LIAR; in a very emotional and maniacal stance waving his finger....

    ..oh the self righteous are serving their God Jehovah!

    Since they did not believe me, they called another Judicial Comittee meeting and I told my father " I will not attend ;that is all I am saying to them. I am now sueing each individual elder ( not the WTBTS) for slander and harrassment". And I did.

    As my lawyer said " when they realize that they are in danger of losing their houses in a law suit they will get off your back". And they did. They backed off when they got the legal notices to desist.

    Never looked back; never regretted my decision.

  • kittyeatzjdubs
    their reply was WE KNEW IT.... that's why there's been so many problems in the congregation- you've been grieving the spirit.

    i've heard that one before. the funny thing was that i had never even committed the sin that i had been accused of!!! it was a rumor that had started in my high school and some nosy old broad's daughter that went there told her mom about it.

    basically it was told that i had sex with a boy from school...and what pissed me off is the fact that even though i vehemently denied it, they dsf'd me. then on top of that, they wouldn't rein me until i confessed that i had sex....what a bunch of freakazoids!!!!!!!

    luv, kitty

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    that was my experience too. The problem is not so much that they wrongly accuse you ( and that is bad enough) ; but nothing you say or do will convince them that you are telling the truth.

    In my case I just assumed it was because I left a life of full time pioneering , where I was a theocratic example to all the young folks, to attend college ( and went overseas to do that) and this was back in the late 1970s when attending college was not tolerated. They had to make an example of me.

  • Dragonlady76

    Why on earth would I want to confess anything to the elders? On the contrary I took great delight in leading a double life .

    On a side note I did fornicate with a worldy guy at school and I got busted by my parents, they turned me in, so when the elders came I had to re-tell them the story while my parents glared at me. I would have never told the elders had I not been forced to.


  • jaredg

    i never told them shit unless they called me out on something. the last thing i told them was "peace, i'm outta here"

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    i hate u had to go throught that crap too franklin...

    and in reference to dragonlady....why the hell do jdub parents feel the need to confess every so called sin that their child commits?!!! whatever happended to a good old fashioned heart to heart w/ your child?? i kid you not...when i like six, my mother told one of the elders that she had caught me picking my nose and wondered what disciplinary action she should take...and of course the elder responded with the beloved phrase...jehovah says use the rod....<----stoopid elder

    she beat the s**t outa me....

  • unbeliever

    not a damn thing.

  • Dragonlady76
    ...and of course the elder responded with the beloved phrase...jehovah says use the rod....<----stoopid elder

    she beat the s**t outa me....

    This has got to be the most quoted scripture for JW's.

    I suffered greatly cause of this, my mom beat the tar out of me too.


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