What stupid things did you confess to the elders?

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  • EvilForce

    It also taught me a valuable lesson....

    On one hand they would tell young people to put Jehovah first, not get married, stay single, and go out in field service. (I was putting in between 10 and 12 hours a month on top of everything else going on.) But if they took this advice they'd get pulled into a meeting and comments like "We know when we were your age WE were interested in girls? Aren't you seeing someone now? Are you sexually frustrated?"

    Oh, also another JC matter I got pulled into....

    I was 18 at the time and on vacation. The BOE told me I needed to come home immediately as the matter couldn't wait for 4 more days. They wanted to ask me about an acquaintence who was sleeping with a friend of mine's mother?!? I was like I know NOTHING about this. So this person I only knew cursory was bagging a good friend of mine's MOM?!? He was like 19 she was 35 or something. I said "You called me home for this?!?" You couldn't have simply asked me via the phone if I knew ANYTHING about it? Of course the didn't believe me that I didn't know anything about it....bizzarre. Wow, a memory I had forgotten....

  • unbeliever


    I thought I had it bad. When I was 16 I refused to go to anymore meetings, not even the memorial. Also I would not meet with the elders so they came to me. The elders asked if I was on drugs, having sex, etc. I was so done with them by then I did not give a shit and would tell them to leave me the hell alone. My dub mom threatened to punish me but I told her I would go live with my dad. Dad had custody of my 2 brothers and he said he would file for child support on her if she did not leave me in peace and get the elders to back off. I did some research and I told her she would have to fork over 35% of her income and I asked her if she would be able to aux pioneer after that. Finally after I made that threat she backed off and left me alone about the meetings and there were no more elder visits. Not that they did not try and talk down to me when they ran into me around town. I think it killed them they could not do shit to me because I was never baptized. What could they take away from me? NOTHING! The only reason I did not move in with dad was because I did not want to change high schools and I had a lot of friends who I wanted to graduate with.

  • EvilForce

    I think that's the reason they press people to get baptized so early so they can control them even more. The unspoken rule was if you weren't baptised by 16 or 17 you were a loose cannon. I was 16 when I got dunked...stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • ValiantBoy

    You are right about the perception of those who wait to get baptized. I was baptized at 11 and was considered so very "exemplary." My sister was 16 and was always asked "What ar eyou waiting on?" My other sister and I always had all the invitations and meeting parts. We thought we were hot shit. And the elders continully reinforced those feelings.

  • EvilForce

    It was just another one of the steps along the way. No matter what you did it was never enough or that you should reach out for more. Then they wonder why people burn out and leave.

  • burnthepig


    I was baptizd at 17.. From then on.. I was a TRUE celebrity.. Or atleast you would think.. Go figure!


  • ValiantBoy

    Celebrity? Well I did read on another about a show you put on on a cruise ship... HAHA

  • madteach

    I confessed I had had sex with a man... they asked if it would happen again. I told them that I couldnt say it wouldnt. unnnnnk wrong answer. I was Df'd. One of the elders spit at me these words as I was walking out the door of the K.H. "Well I hope you don't come crawling back in a few years all sorry and crippled up with AIDS." I turned around and looked at him and said " I hope not either" What an Asshole! Later his daughter became the congregation slut....go figure. But he's still and elder!

  • dewsi69

    hey where do you live in michigan? Im from the plainwell area / kalamazoo....

    i saw your nice post there on OS :) I'm good at that.

  • ivy

    By the time my parents dragged me in front of the elders, I was so guilty of so many things that the poor men would have gone into shock had I actually had any inclination to spill my guts.

    Instead, at a very young age of 17, I told them that I was a citizen of the United States and I take the 5th. When they asked me what that meant, I said, "It means that I don't have to tell you or anyone else about anything. You have no power over me".

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