American Idol

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  • glitter

    There's been a black male, a white female, and a black female who have won American Idol... I'd say Bo has got it in the bag. Cynical, yes, but I *do* also think he's the best contestant so it's OK.

    Fix fix fix...

  • bebu

    I'm rooting for Bo. But I think Carrie and Vonzell are respectable enough singers to win, too.

    BTW... nice to see ya, Special K! Long time no see! Keeping da brudder in line?


  • Sunspot

    I didn't care for Bo at the beginning but through the weeks, I warmed up to him a lot. I did the same for Vonzell. I have been pulling for Carrie since the final twelve were chosen.

    I hate to admit it, but as much as I like Carrie now, I like the other two just as much. They're all so different and unique. It's like trying to make a choice between your favorite seafood and your favorite dessert!

    Last year I just didn't like Fantasia--at all. Anyone would have been fine with me---except Fantasia and her screeching (ugh) voice. This year, I won't be disappointed in whoever wins it.

    AFA whatever was going on with Vonzell, it felt like everyone on the panel and the contestants were "in" on it, but left it way up in the air for the viewing audience. The way Paula came right out and asked "are you okay", it must have been something pretty upsetting or traumatic. Hopefully it will be brought out later.


  • whyamihere

    I love Anthony!

    He is so cute. He reminds me of my Brother. Looks like him too. I think that's why I like him.

    I knew he wouldn't win but he was so darn cute not to like him.


  • ozziepost

    Well, we finally saw it last night on Australian TV!

    The final with Bo and Carrie.

    The song performed by Bo with a rock band was pretty good IMO and to me Bo was the better of the two. Both of them mistook shouting for singing but Carrie was just a shrieker - yet she won!! Must have been her looks?


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