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  • Mulan
    Anyways, I am a rock guy so I hope Constantine or Bo wins it.

    That sure could happen. It would be different at least.

    Both of them are really cute too.

    I agree about Scott........he does have a good voice, but I can't see him as very marketable. Ruben Studdard isn't having nearly the kind of career that the other past winners, and even Clay Aiken are having. He just isn't pleasant to watch, even though he has a really good voice.

  • TresHappy

    Scott Savol is a half way decent singer who has issues when anyone talks badly about his performances. The look on his face speaks volumes.

  • freedom96

    I am glad Scott and Anthony are still on because it makes it a little more interesting, though by no means are they the best singers.

    I like Bo, but I don't think his voice is all that, and I don't care for Constantine, though he did nail Queen last week. They both have a stage presence that some will like, others not as much.

    Vonzell can sing, but she doesn't do much for me. There are many that sound just like her, though she does seem to give it her all, and I applaud that for her.

    My favorite is still Carrie. Country charm, and vocals that are awesome. Put her on a country album, I'll buy. And I haven't bought anything from the Idols yet.

  • Dustin

    I think if we are talking about a solo singing career, Constantine or Carrie could pull it off. Bo, as much as I like the guy is really more of a guy who needs his band. The only way Bo could pull of a singles career would be to repackage him as more of a leisure/lounge type of singer. I just don't see that happening.

    I think Constantine wins. However, I see Carrie having the most successful career. She has country mega-star written all over her. I would never buy it, but I know there are tons of people who would. I'm just glad she's still around so I have some eye candy to look at while I watch the show.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I was sad to see Anwar go last night. To me, he has a very deep and melodic voice. I think he just picked some bad songs these last two weeks. He definitely has star quality, no doubt. I think he will be offered a good deal in the next six months. Carrie Underwood is my pick as she has been the most versatile. She was weak at first, I think out of fear, but the last three weeks she has really shone at the forefront with her new look, and her choice of songs out of her normal vocal range. Scott is a sure pick to lose next week, as I think his perfornances have been somewhat weak and limited the last two weeks. Vonzell has definitely come to the top 3 range with this week's performance. She has an awesome voice. I am not sure of her, because she hasn't had a consistent performance, but I really think she has the star quality, which is 1/3rd of the performance to outshine the others. Bo seemed weak this week, and seemed totally out of his element. which really shocked me that Anwar took last and was disqualified. Fedorov, not sure of him, but he definitely picked up his ratings this week. Constantine: that's my second pick. He has star quality, the girls love him. He has a nice range of voice, a very good ear for what's good for him, and good picks with the Judges. I think it will be between him and Carrie in the last round.


  • Special K
    Special K

    I really like Niki but he's long gone.

    My kids liked Mario.. but he's gone.

    Nadia was awesome ..but she's gone.

    I really don't see how Scott has held on. He didn't even hold the song on pitch the past two weeks.

    I think Scott and that Ferdorov guy should have went before Anwar.

    I don't like Constantine at all. Creepy to me. ..

    Top three prediction.. Carrie, Bo and Vonzel.

    Special K

  • Brummie

    I reckon Scott is going tonight

    Vonzell and I are now an item :>)

  • adelmaal

    My pick for the winner is Constantine. Love the guy!

    My husband is ga ga for Carrie.

    They both stunk last night IMHO but hopefully Scott will get the boot tonight (about time!).

    My pic for the final three is: Constantine, Carrie & Vonzel

    My pic for the bottem three tonight is: Scott, Anthony, Bo

    Just throwing things out there - LOL.

  • morty
    My pick for the winner is Constantine. Love the guy!

    He WAS my pick as well.......I cannot believe he got the boot.....

    I guess Boe will have to take it now......

  • adelmaal
    He WAS my pick as well.......I cannot believe he got the boot.....

    I guess Boe will have to take it now......

    That's really drama! You're kidding right? We haven't seen tonight's show yet! Please tell me Scott went home and Constantine is in the clear

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