What religion have you changed to now that no longer a witness?

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  • dh

    no religion here, i promoted myself to 'just some guy on the street.'

  • M.J.

    People leaving other high control groups, not just the JWs go through exactly the same confusion, overcoming fears and prejudice, and re-adjustment phases. I thought this was a nice account: http://home.datawest.net/esn-recovery/dee/stories/strict.htm

  • Narkissos

    When I was df'd (in 1986) I would readily attend any Church, regardless of its particularities, because I felt I was a Christian and that this common ground was more important than denominational differences. I eventually became a member of a moderate Evangelical church, just a few yards away from my last KH.

    However, when I studied theology it soon became clear that I didn't really fit with Evangelical theology, and I gradually came to associate with liberal Protestantism instead, while slowly drifting toward my personal sort of "religious atheism".

    The next significant step came when my daughter was about to be born (in 1997). I was participating in a preparation meeting for Sunday school and Catechism teaching in my Reformed (i.e. Presbyterian) parish and I suddenly realised that I would not want any confessional teaching (however liberal) taught my own child... From then on I stopped attending any church (although I am still enjoying theological discussions in various settings).

    If I had met a discussion board such as this one 20 years ago, I guess it might have shortened my religious wandering by several years. Now the slow journey was interesting too, and I don't regret it.

  • freedom96

    I would not say I am any particular religion, but I am a Christian, and I am very happy with a non-denominational church that we try to attend every week.

  • jaffacake

    Kilroy, I know what you mean, thanks for explaining. I have been agnostic with similar views to you about religion most of my adult life, but an open mind plus a study of science, atomic physics, quantum theory etc, have led me back to some form of Christianity and belief in God. I find the Bible inspiring but don't believe it should be understood literally.

    I don't think much of many religions but I have a lot of time for the people in them.

    I've enjoyed everyones posts, a special mention to Orange & Green for their contributions.

  • integ

    Mayhayana Buddhism

  • booker-t

    I think Blondie hit the nail on the head. Just serve Jehovah and Jesus to your best ability and leave it at that. I think the problem with organized religion is that it is man-made and judged by man not Jehovah or Jesus. Jehovah and Jesus Judges the heart man sets up a million rules for a person to follow and concludes that if you break one of the rules you don't love God. No matter what happens with the WT or other religions I will never let another religion tell me what I have to believe in in order to be saved. I have heard that most ex-jws that leave the WT go into another religion complaining about that new religion so it is not God or Jesus that the ex-jw is serving it is a group of people.

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