What religion have you changed to now that no longer a witness?

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  • love11

    Religion has been a disappointment for me. Nothing seems to fit right. Although... maybe I am atheist and just not willing to admit it yet.

    Just don't know!

  • Sirona

    I am Neopagan, specifically: Wiccan


  • Gadget

    I'm a witch! I'm currently studying British Traditional with a local group and learning about druidry. I feel we as individuals are so insignificant in respect to the earth and universe and want to bring my life more in harmony with it, acknowledging its power and marking the passing of each season. I believe in the power within each one of us rather than a supreme god/goddess, and thats its more important that we believe rather than what we believe and thats what makes the earth work/spells work/answers prayers/etc.


  • BrendaCloutier

    For me it took AA to break my stubborness after leaving JW-ism. To get out of myself and into the concept of a Higher Power, that is not necesarily god.

    In AA I was introduced to several Native Americans = Indians, and from them I ventured into indian spirituality from Lakota, Chipowa, Choctaw, and NW Seseewas. I've attended and poured sweatlodges, been involved in pipe ceremonies (no, marijuana is not a common ingredient in the smoke), drum circles, prayer circles etc. I Love powwows! I love to dance. Each time I dance it is in prayer.

    I have seen and experienced things that are difficult for many with closed minds, or those who have not experienced to understand or accept.

    I've explored Wicca but find that though similar to indian spirituality, it's not for me.

    My coming exploration is Buddhism. Which I see as more a way of life and teaching than a worship.

    Mytakeye Oasin ! ( All My Relations! )


  • BrendaCloutier


    - but don't you miss fellowship with others who share your thinking, morals, ect?

    There is definitely something to this, as the church used to be the center of a community, and we humans are community animals.

    I personally find it more facinating to view my friends differences and learn from them.

  • Scully

    I don't belong to any religion and I will never belong to one again for as long as I live.

    If there is a god (and I'm not entirely sure there is) and he can't accept me being a good person, reaching my own potential and raising my kids to be good people and reach their potential, then he's not good enough for me to believe in or worship.

  • TheListener

    Good question, Great answers. I think about what I'm going to do once I finally exit. Of course being a fader I can't openly go to another church. I was thinking about a small non-denominational bible study group. I have no understanding of how any other religion works. I don't even know if people have small non-denominational bible study groups. It just sounds kind of nice.

  • LongHairGal

    I am a fader and haven't officially left. I do not think I would join another religion. I am sick of religion. The issues I have go way beyond the JWs. They have to do with the very nature of god himself.

    Maybe someday but not now.


  • Junction-Guy

    I attend church with my cousins up in Kentucky at a little,country, Freewill Baptist church. I absolutely enjoy it and wish I could attend more, but I live 200 miles away, and only attend occasionally. I thoroughly enjoy attending, which is quite different from my witness days, as I felt going to the meetings was an obligation and not a joy. I also have attended some big churches in my area, but they dont seem to capture my heart like that little mountain churchhouse in Kentucky. I have been to a methodist church before and it seemed a little "dry", I have also been to a presbyterian church once, but it wasnt for me. I did go to a Catholic Church once with some friends in Ohio, but only went once, it did feel kinda creepy to me at first. I am not a regular church-goer, and Im not much for big-religion, I guess thats why I enjoy attending small country churches.


  • Honesty

    About 3 weeks before I disfellowshipped the apostate religion known as Jehovah's Witnesses I came to realise that Christian Freedom does not mean a person has to join a religion to have a personal relationship with Christ. I do believe that I should personally follow Hebrews 10:24-25 on congregating with fellow believers and am an active member of a large church about 20 miles up the road which I am at the church a whole lot more every week than I ever was as a dub when I had 5 mandantory meetings a week. I also witness a lot more than I ever did as a dub but don't have to turn in a time sheet every month to a sales manager.

    One thing I do have to say about the following:

    I have basically sent away for literature. Like the "Plain Truth" it has an interesting magaizine.

    My parents jerked me out of a Baptist church when I was 6 years old and they joined the WWC of G who published the Plain Truth. At the time (in the late 1950's) it was a cult religion (might be why it was easy to get deceived by the WTBTS). However I have heard that the religion has become more bible oriented in their beliefs. My mom and siblings stayed with the old crew and are still cult members because they follow the teachings of H.W. Armstrong the group's founder.

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