Why don't people put anyting in ther bio????

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  • Dismembered


    I understand that many may not want to be identified, but I think bio makes it easier for us to undersand each others history

    True it would Lehaa, but remember. Jdubs are an organization of rat-finks, and I'm sure the rat-fink lurkers, who lurk here, would run, and be the rat finks they are if they could find out whos who here.

    Perhaps as time goes on, more people will. I'm not lazy, I still have to be careful, as many here do. I'll tell you this though. Some I know here personally, have not even begun to tell you all they know under the guise of being careful. All I can say & hope for, is "Stay Tuned".


    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

  • Rod P
    Rod P

    Well, I presume you mean something on your "Profile" by your "name" (pseudonym"). Don't have a problem giving info if I could figure out how, and why nothing seems to respond when I try it. I also do not care if other JW's or members of the hierarchy do read my profile. I have nothing to hide, while they are the ones who have caused all the misery and heartache in so many people's lives, with destroyed marriages and families, etc., while blaming us apostates for it all.

    When I signed up on the JWD, I had never done this kind of thing before. I considered it an accomplishment just to log on and sign up.

    After reading a few threads and lots of posts, I began to learn how to navigate around the system, which led me to the Membership Directory. There I discovered all this interesting Bio stuff, and thought I should do the same. So I went to my spot and tried to enter something for my Profile. Nothing seemed to work. Oh well, I guess I need to stay here a while until I discover how to do it. Later I tried again, and again nothing worked. So I gave up. But I did start my own thread and wrote an extensive "Story of My Life" which anyone can go to if they go to "RodP" and then click on to "Topic History" where you will see my thread. Click on that and you will goto my story. But the story is only half-way completed, so was planning on finishing the rest of it in the weeks ahead. However, now I have noticed that threads die and get lost in the shuffle as new threads and topics come on stream. That's why I think trying to finish it would be a waste of time.

    In the meantime, I still don't know how to enter my profile. Any ideas or instructions out there?

    Rod P.

  • Sirona

    I have a bio but it isn't that much about personal info!

    Maybe I should update it.


  • upside/down

    I don't realize what everyone is afraid of...

    "They" can't prove nuthin... I'd just deny it and say the deemunz did it or I've been the victim of identity fraud.

    Two witnesses... never forget.

    u/d (of the playin games should be fun class)

  • rebel8

    I actually did put info in my bio, more than I'm comfortable with. Why not more?

    1. I do not want to be labeled an apostate because of the destruction that would do to my mother. (Not that she doesn't deserve it.) I do not care if I'm DFd or whatever for speaking out because that would have no affect on me personally whatsoever.
    2. I do not want my employer to find proof I use the computer all day for personal use. (Not that my boss isn't well aware I have no work to do and won't allow me to start projects on my own.)
    3. I do not want my local community to find out I was a JW because it would hurt my career (and social standing, to a lesser degree). I have suffered enough for being a JW in the past, I will not allow any more.
    4. I need to keep my past JW status a secret because it would reflect on my extended family, who are somewhat prominent and do not need me bringing them embarassment to serve my own selfish desire to vent.

    Reason enough?

  • lonelysheep

    I didn't see the need to add one since I hardly read them. But realized it would be helpful for others to know a lil something about me, like how I got here in the first place. So, I just did so a few days ago.

    Under74, I thought you were a man, too. (I don't know why!)

  • JAVA
    I undersatnd that many may not want to be identified, but I think bio makes it easier for us to undersand each others history.

    I agree, and also encourage folks to put something in their bio. You can say a lot without being identified, if that's a concern. It's a neat service Simon set up, and would like to see more use it.

  • bronzefist


    Ok I see your point. Added a short bio.

  • wanderlustguy

    I added mine the last time one of these came around...

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    I guess I didn't as this was my first discussion board/forum experience and I was cautioned by people not to reveal too much personal info as there were all these freaks on the web that would somehow use it to cause me great injury and distress. And after a couple of months here boy were they right.

    All kidding aside all I heard from people that I told that I joined a discussion forum was to be careful, and don't say anything about yourself or what you do, or where you live on and on so I was sort of hesitent to do so. I mean I could see not putting my bank account info in my bio or my social security number, or maybe my telephone number but I kept wondering what sort of harm could come from some biographical info but again I was warned against it. Anyone else have that experience? So far my experience here has been positive and every pm I have recieved has been cool, etc.

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