Why don't people put anyting in ther bio????

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  • under74

    Soledad & lonelysheep-
    Yeah, I got that all the time so it's probably about time I put it down. maybe it's my tone? I don't know--I just write like I talk.

  • Lehaa

    Hey, just read through this thread.

    Sorry posted it just b4 I went in to get my teeth out and have just felt well enough to get back here properly.

    I'm glad it's prompted some to add a little of themselves in there bio.

    I tottaly agree with those who don't wish too as they don't want too much of there personal information out there to see, for varous reasons.

    I was very unsure of putting anything in my bio when I first started posting here, but as I move further and further from the borg I get a little more confident and add a little more about myself.

    Plus the only family I still have in the borg that I truly care about is my sister and she knows I post here.

    will endaevour to have a look at peoples new and updated bios later.


  • new boy
    new boy

    FEAR-----------------------------How sad that even with people out of the "BORG" with no connections to it, the fear is still there!!!

    That they are still afraid of people having to much power over them. That they could use it in some way to hurt us again.

    Or it could be, for some they like the ability to say rude, cruel, and stupid things, with no reprisal.----------true freedom of speech LOL

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