Did You Ever Think You'd No Longer Be A Witness?

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  • caballoSentado

    The UN Scandal opened my eyes & I'm thankful for that!
    Caballo Sentado

  • coffee_black

    I remember when I was a teenager (sitting with my group of friends) someone gave a talk and said that many would leave. Told us to look at the person next to us... one of us would probably leave the organization because we would want to persue worldly things... I looked to my right and my left... not me, I thought! Well the people sitting next to me are still in.... but I didn't leave to "persue worldly things" He got it partly right... does that make him a prophet?


  • ShadowX

    Hell no, how could I? I was at the "pinnacle of successful career" - pioneering

  • LittleToe

    Never in a million years (literally).
    I was been groomed for CO work.

  • minimus

    Great responses! Personally, I figured I'd be a JW because that was my upbringing. I used to feel "Brooklyn", "mother", knows whats best for us even if we can't totally understand things. BUT I always questioned things. As a matter of fact, the Society got pissed with me for questioning some things by letters. Eventually, you just can't ignore the truth.

  • Ticker

    I questioned too but was always stuck trying to use their logic and information to get answers. When that avenue frustrated me I turned to only the bible, which shouted red flags as to some watchtower doctrine. Then I slowly came here and briefly looked and more and more for about a year or better before I posted. Never ever would have thought I would be on this site or that the JW religion is like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, when its really just a crock of you know what painted up to sound appealing. Im happy this site was here for me.


  • minimus

    I'll bet this site has helped countless peple to get out of "her".

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I had a feeling as a teenager that at some point I wouldn't be a JW any more. I never thought I would be, as they term it, an apostate though. When I saw apostates outside assembly halls with placards or heard about people writing books like '30 Years of Watchtower Slave' I used to think why do they bother. I didn't know why they didn't just leave if they didn't believe what the society said and have done with it. It was only later I realised the pain and anger that a lot of people felt when they exited the dubs.

  • IP_SEC

    I used to think apostates were wild eyed crazy people who littered dodger stadium with tracks and only dressed in sandwich board signs. Those bunch of idiot fear mongers. What losers. The truth is the truth. I loved elding (still do) service, giving talks. etc.

    Then the society made the fatal mistake of telling me to read and meditate on the bible. I was a true student. At first I dutifully did my research in mom's books, but later since I do tons of research for work on the web, I started using the internet more. Strong's, Antiquities of the Jews, and started using this research in my talks instead of mom's works. I found out that "hey I can figure out this bible thing too, its not that hard."

    A little reasoning on the hypocrisy of the blood doctrine, 1975, and the generation and here I was nervously making my first post on this board.

    It was that simple.

  • Aude_Sapere

    Nope. Even while I was merely absent and inactive, I thought that eventually I would return.

    Coffee_Black: one of us would probably leave the organization because we would want to persue worldly things...

    I didn't leave for the pursuit of worldly things either. I left because truth and love was not found at the Kingdom Hall.

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