Do You Know Of Malcontent ExJWs That Bitch About Life Because.....?

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  • minimus

    Doing nothing is such a waste! We may have wasted many years not living life but there's no excuse to not be excited about what's really out there!

  • Elsewhere

    My electric bill was too high last month... damn WTS!!!!

  • Elsewhere

    Oh, and I also lost my tooth brush while traveling... damn WTS!!!!

  • minimus

    Even the Devil isn't responsible for EVERYTHING bad.

  • prophecor
    Ecclesiastes 2
    There is nothing better for people to do than to eat, drink, and find satisfaction in their work. I saw that even this comes from the hand of God.
  • BrendaCloutier

    The pendulum swings, if we allow it. Once a JW and nothing was good, now I'm out and it's all their fault. I never went to school or learned anything useful; I'm a lowly woman and I can't get a job, .... ad nauseum

    Wait! I did learn how to speak in front of an audience. I learned how to not be afaid of people. I know the alphabet...lemme see. File clerk. I know how to type, I'll move up to draft typist when there's an opening. Wait! X company needs a general office secretary. I can do that! Hey, they have a computer, I wonder what it can do? Wow, I didn't know you could do that with one.

    And that was my introduction to becoming a computer nerd.

    I also had to blame my parents for being my parents before I could swing the other direction and realize that my parents did the best they could with what they had.... sans religion. Then I realized just what my parents did teach me! Wow. I've used every bit of it in my life, and taken some of it beyond what they ever expected.

    "Mom, do you know what I do for a living?" mom "No. Some kind of secretary or office work?" me "No, I travel around the country and train people how to use computer software and work on their operating and network issues, just like my nephew. I didn't have an education, either, and he got to go to college!". mom "oh". mom later "I'm proud of you!" wow.

    The pendulum swings if we allow it to. And on the other side is some interesting and awesome revelations.

  • love11

    Your right! Blaming a company for all of your problems isn't the answer.

    However... that religion is a very abusive one. And it may take years to recover from abuse. It's very hard to recover from losing everyone on the face of the earth that you ever knew. For me, it was like recovering from a death of 100 people that were very close to me. Also, the mentally ill and abusive/addictive people are attracted to that religion (among other people) because it gives them a sense of control over their life. When these people that you talk about are ready to move on with their life, I'm sure they will suprise us all. Some people are just late bloomers! Everyone matures and relates to experiences differently. Hopefully, these people will one day be able to get it together and be happy, productive members of society.

  • Terry

    What is the quickest identifying characteristic of a loser?

    No purpose in life.

    They are "against" or they are "for" things; but, the loser actually does nothing but complain. They cannot move forward.

    Why? A purpose cannot be negative and create a positive.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are driven by a purpose. That keeps them focused and determined.


    The "purpose" is not real and has no conclusion to it. The activity surrounding the purpose is mere frantic busy work. The opportunity to build something meaningful is delayed in this life while longing for the "next" life in Paradise.

    But, time runs out!

    JW's are the busiest non-productive nobodies you can find. They don't invent anything, they don't improve, modify or beautify. They build no great buildings, institutions for the betterment of mankind nor do they aid those in need who may be unable to fend for themselves.

    But, they stay busy doing this pretend work and the hollowness eventually drowns them. Their lives empty out like an old rusty bucket with a hole. Despair drives them. They either become totally delusional in insisting they are doing the most important work on earth (as their personal lives crumble) or they are disfellowshipped.....or...they drift away into the void.

    Once free of the make-believe aspects of a grand life in Paradise what happens?

    Unless a complete re-education happens to reorient the exJW with reality; usually they become embittered and sour or, they plunge headlong into Jesus (in any welcoming form).

    Others wander like ghosts over the landscape blinking vacantly in search of another absolute "truth" to replace the rush and the high of being self-assured they are god's darling.

    And then there are the very few....very very few....who wake up and grow up and treat the whole empty years of self-induced magic thinking as a mere human error and move on. To what? To a genuine life self-built out of facing facts and making reality based decisions for self-improvement.

    The book the Christian community has really latched on to for the last three years (a bestseller list topper) is titled "THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE" by Rick Warren.

    Christians all over America are buying it in droves. Why? They too have banged their collective heads into the disillusionment that comes from believing absolutely that an unwavering "truth" is at the center of their life guiding them. Yet, their lives are chaotic and filled with the same despairs as any worlding might feel. They looked to Christian Living sections of local bookstores for answers. (Having long ago realised the Bible tells you nothing practical!)

    Rick Warren, when you boil down what he advocates in his book, simply tells the Christian reader to put a purpose at the center of life and work at it every day. This mirrors the Jehovah's Witness behavior of going out in service, reading the Watchtower publications and witnessing to everybody they meet while keeping up an excellent example for others to see and imitate.


    The only problem with all of the above is that there is no "there" there. All this busy work is empty because it is based on a center of imaginary basics. Emptying yourself of your own talents and will and decisions makes you empty and not anything but that. Being the slave of god (i.e. your local congregations) creates a slave's life. You work yourself to death and have little to show for it.

    For Christians and JW's alike the problem is in the insistance that there is a reality when there is none. That requires a lot of energy that produces nothing but exhaustion. It requires constant maintenance. Fellowship with fellow delusionals is required to maintain the illusory center of belief.

    No wonder ExJW's become complainers who whine about life!

    They have not learned the basic skills of taking care of their own selves by facing life as though it were real!

    If you wake up on an island you have to have life skills. You have to fetch food and make fire. Without that you die.

    Well, we all woke up on this island Earth. We develop life saving skills or we pretend. Pretending eventually starves you of your happiness and robs you of your potential. You become very bitchy indeed!


  • upside/down

    Dude that was AWESOME....

    I concur... we have an accord!


  • love11

    terry- beautifully written!

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