Do You Know Of Malcontent ExJWs That Bitch About Life Because.....?

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  • purplesofa

    thanks Terry for your post.

    I really needed that today.

    right to the point.


  • Brummie
    We CAN better ourselves if we work at it. It's not too late!

    Yes! Out of all the exjws I know personally in r/l NONE of them fit the description of those you mentioned who keep moaning about there past! I really do think such ones are a very small minority.


  • jeanniebeanz

    *slowly steps off of the hamster wheel, blinks, looks around* Hey! This is a cage! So, does one get out?


  • gypsywildone

    That was beautiful Terry.

    You can find these losers anywhere. Whining, moaning, obsessing on things that happened 20 & 30 years ago. They are getting some "pay off" from it all. What??? Attention? Sympathy? An excuse to sit & accomplish nothing?

    Some people just seem to get off on repeatedly picking off old scabs. I don't understand it really. There is so much beauty in life to see & experience. We can sit & waste our lives rehashing old crap that we can do nothing about at all, or we can acknowledge & move on.

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    They would feel much better about themselves if they used their knowledge of the cult to help other people get out of it and warn others about the dangers of it.

    As one who has never been a Witness, I can't really speak with too much conviction concerning exactly how most ex-JW's feel about their past. I somewhat feel that whether people ever were JW's or not, many people don't experience a lot of the things in their lives that they would've liked to. The WT might be a very legitimate source of blame in that it's very likely many people may have led a very different lifestyle that may or may not have been better, while others may be somewhat different in that they might blame the WT for things of their own doing that not even the WT had anything or very little to do with.

    I think that people should find a way at some point to do what they can do now and play catch-up, if possible. I feel there is a genuine need to be upset with a situation that may have cost a person a lot over an extended amount of time, but I think if people are able to keep advancing in their own lives away from the org, they will be a lot happier as further time goes by.

  • seesthesky

    do not judge others

  • seesthesky

    what is the difference between a life spent in pursuit of a god and one spent in the pursuit of one's self-identified best interests?

    if sincerity of belief alters the quality of life then why would one's path, sincerely pursued, matter?

  • Dan-O

    Do I KNOW any? Hell, I'm related to one. All it seems he wants to do is sit around bitching about how Dad wouldn't let him play basketball in high school 40 years ago & how he could have gotten scholarships to college if he had been allowed to play on the team ...

    Give it a rest. You can't turn back the clock. What you CAN do is take control of your own future and move forward in a more productive direction. Instead, he simply wants to grumble & drown it in a 12 pack every night. It's not gettin him any closer to where he says he wants to be.

  • prophecor

    Excellent post, Terry!

  • JW83

    mmm - I don't actually know any moaning, bitching LOSERS (horrible word) - unless I am one! I figure that I lost 6 years of my adult life to the WTS & that is 6 years I am never going to get back. I am 6 years behind most people my age financially, career-wise, relationship-wise. It sux. I don't sit around moaning about it (only sometimes ...)

    But for older Witnesses like a couple I know who sold their house, went window cleaning etc for 20 years because they really believed in it, unlike those Witnesses who buy houses & go on holidays & are only serving time, it is a very different thing & I think they have a right to bitch a little ...

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