Six Billion Hearts Will Soon Stop Beating. . .

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  • shanti

    When I heard this I lost control of my bowels! I haven't been out in feild service in 30 years, O wait I'm disfellowed shaped.

  • EvilForce

    Welcome SHANTI !!!

    Like I've mentioned above...I just wished 6 million JW mouths would quit flapping instead of worrying about 6 billion hearts.

  • itsallgoodnow

    They get severely offended over joking around about sex, won't allow themselves to watch sexually based comedy, but it's ok for them to joke around about God killing everyone but them.

    You've heard those, you know the ones where the innocent child says something about the unbelieving daddy who will die (haha- yeah, right, funny!), which, in the JW urban legend your CO will tell you, inevitably ends with the dad turning his life around and getting baptized.

    So, joking about people getting killed, good. Joking about sex, wrong. Maybe the taliban isn't that much different.

  • teamy24

    It really makes me laugh all jehovahs witnesses think that they are safe and that they are going to get through armageddon, But how many brothers and sisters lead doubles lives and are not at all godly. So the members of this congregation really think that they are safe and that there hearts will still be beating, well i am sure alot of jehovahs witnesses hearts will also stop beating on the day itself they may be smug now but lets see how they are when judgement actually arrives, This includes the great CO of the congregation he may think he is safe but is he really????? are comments like that called for??? Time will tell wont it. But i am finding out alot about the jw's and though most are great people many are no better and most are actually worse than the "worldy" people that they teach you to dissasociate from. The scriputure comes to mind ( I cant actually remeber it as it has been 6 years sionce i was da) didnt we expel demons in your name ect ect and jesus replys get away from me i never knew you.

  • Rod P
    Rod P

    There better be enough millions in the population of the earth OVER the 6 Billion, or else that CO has just contradicted Rutherford who preached "Millions now living will never die!"

    When I was JW, a JW friend of mine, who had been active for years, told me about a funeral where a CO delivered the talk. The casket was in front of the hall, and the speaker with his microphone stood just in front of the casket. When everyone sat down and settled down, it was time for the CO to deliver the talk. As he pointed down at the casket with great deliberation, he put his mouth close to the microphone, and in a loud voice yelled: "THAT...MAN...IS...DEAD!!!!!" Then he launched into his doctrinal sermon on the JW version of the Soul Doctrine with great gusto and salesmanship.

    Can you imagine if this was your dead loved one, and the guy conducting the funeral service was using this person as an object lesson on the doctrine of the soul to an audience that comprised both JW's and Non-JW's. Some people just have no couth, no class, and no sense of propriety. They care about one thing, and one thing only. The end justifies the means. And the end is to make an impression, to grab everyone's attention, so they can seize the opportunity to convert anyone and everyone to the WBTS. Personal sensitivities count for nothing.

    They should be ashamed of themselves; but they know no shame. They can just stick it all where the sun don't shine!

    How do you think these guys get to be CO's and DO's? Besides their undying loyalty and devotion to the GB, among other things, they have to excel in Public Speaking. Now, we must admit, they certainly excelled when they used the tactics they did. Boy, are these guys good! You and I wouldn't dare talk like that, but they would in a heartbeat. They rush in where angels fear to tread. We of the audience are on their turf now, so we all gotta listen to the dramatics of their rantings and their ravings. How nauseating, ad nauseum. (Excuse me, I feel a heave coming on......never mind, I managed to contain it.....barely.)

    IMO, I think the day will come that guys like these will have to eat their own words. What goes around, comes around. Imagine how they would feel if they came to the point of realization, after all their years of preaching like that, and the influence they might have had over the years on so many innocent lives and families, that what they were promoting was a cult on the altar of false religion. I wouldn't want the pangs of conscience and guilt they would experience at that point. On the other hand, some of these guys may be psychotic, having lost control of external reality whereby they are incapable of feeling that they have done anything wrong. In that case, they should be pitied. Incredibly, the GB put them there in the first place.

    In the words of Forest Gump, "And that's all I got to say about that."

    Rod P.

  • hamsterbait

    jesus said "the flood came and swept them all away."


    1: He is the son of god and knows that.

    2: He was just an ignorant jewish carpenter who believed the creed of the time.

    If Jesus is the son of god, or God incarnate then when the scriptures speak of massive loss of human life, babies children, mothers fathers men, grannies at Armageddon -


    1: It will happen the way the bible says.

    2: It won't happen the way the bible says. (In which case he was not god and we have only unpredictable daily vississitudes to worry abou until we die.)

    Are we still trembling before the FDS????


  • Rod P
    Rod P


    IMHO, your either/or analogy needs to be looked at further. For example, where exactly in the Bible did you find that Jesus himself actually said those words? The fact is, there is not one word in the Bible that are the words of Jesus himself. They are the words of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul when it comes to the New Testament. There are countless questions and arguments concerning authorship of several "books" of the bible. Most had been written decades after Jesus had already died on the cross. A number of texts have been edited out or edited in, and there are all kinds of challenges and debates as to what is original or correct, and what is not. Bible scholarship is exposing some very real questions about the Biblical contents in matters of history, archaeology, interpretation, textual criticism, hermeneutics, etc. Then there are all kinds of extra-Biblical texts that shed some interesting light on this whole area, and there are serious questions as to why at least some of them did not make it into the Biblical canon. There are the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic literature or the Pseudepigrapha (or what some refore to as the Lost Books of the Bible). Then get into the history of Early Christianity and the Early Church Fathers, and how the different books became part of the Bible itself. Some of it is almost shocking. Spend about a year of your life digging around in all this stuff, especially the material on the Bible itself, and I would venture to say that you will no longer be tempted to present your kind of black and white, either/or questions ever again. (I'm not being critical of you here. Just suggesting that if you did this, it will change your thinking for the rest of your life, and you will never be the same.)

    Rod P.

  • jwfacts

    I remember a CO saying that it was stupid to marry out of the truth as they will die at Armageddon. He then said that it was like dragging around a log of wood, no good for anything.

    In the audience was a Witness woman and her unbelieving, ex army husband. He was so angry that at the end of the meeting some elders had to intervene so as to prevent the CO being beaten up.

  • Honesty
    . . . announced our Circuit Overseer last night in his talk about the urgency to preach because of the times. Followed by a silence that was broken with ohhhs and ahhhs. He said that a couple of times throughout his part, simulating a beating heart with his fist. I don't think that I have ever heard the message about the upcoming doom of nearly all life put quite like that. His comments bothered me but what disturbs me more is that almost everyone there seemed all too happy about it.

    Must be directly from the Faithful Discreet Slave who mislead and decieve 6 million people into believing that a group of demonised megalomaniacs who are hellbent on ruling the world are the voice of God.


  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    I think its great that the CO makes comments like that. Its that kind of hardcore statement that the Org in general has been backing away from in current years, as they try to present a more mainstream image.

    They would never be so bold in print anymore, even at a convention they have to watch what they say, but a CO or DO at a Hall can get away with remarks like that.

    You know there have to be dubs sitting there that are going to be bothered by such a cruel statement, and might start to do some <gasp!!!> independent thinking!!!!

    No Apologies

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