One more challenge...

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  • ScrappyKat

    What a complete waste of time........

  • misspeaches

    Hey there fairchild!!

    he he... sorry for annoying you with my rooms. Which bit did you get stuck at? I'll see if I can help

    Miss Peaches

  • fairchild

    Well, once upon a sad time I clicked on "new game' instead of 'continue came' so now I have to start all over again. Then, once upon an even sadder time I deleted my temporary internet files and now it will take about a half hour to load the game again, like it did the first time. I will load it again when I have some time (like while I'm cleaning the house). Soon, soon..

    I ended up getting stuck on level 13. There was a room with a machine and colors. Then there was a gallery with 4 paintings, each indicating a direction and a color (Like the lake in the East is blue, the grass in the West is green, etc...). I noticed that every time I started level 13 over, the paintings as well as the hints were different. Like one time east would be green, the next time it would be blue, etc... Then you could take an elevator and go to different floors. On the top floor were two empty picture frames and an arrow pointing north (I think). I had a feeling that somehow I had to do something with the colors and the machine downstairs in order to transfer pictures and fill the frames upstairs, but I couldn't figure it out. I tried for days and days and then I tried a bit longer, and again and again, and it drove me up the walls. Once I was stuck to the walls of my office, I figured it was time to quit and wait for help. Some time this week I'm starting the game all over. I kept the combination to open the lock where you have like 12 happy faces and 26 combinations. At least I have that one saved, I wrote it on a piece of paper. Then, someone posted a link to a "cheat" site. This site has all the answers and can lead you through the steps to get out, but I found the link when I was already on lavel 13, and guess what.... that site has not been updated in a while and it only goes to level 12, it figures.

    Wish me luck..

    Oh by the way, do you have any more fun rooms? (As if I need any more)

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