Excuses to miss the meeting that won't raise suspicion of a fade

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  • Daniel1555

    Since December I managed to not attend any meeting at all, and I will keep it up.

    One sister texted me "How are you? We missed you at the meeting."

    I answered. "I am feeling great. Have a nice sunday."

  • RubaDub

    Tell them you were channeling with CT Russell and your weekly sessions have been running longer than usual.

    Rub a Dub 

  • OnTheWayOut
    Stuckinarut2 is right (on page 1). Change the subject, offer no excuse. If they try to pin you for one, "Well, I am here today." Then immediately miss the next one offering no excuses so that person may learn to stop asking.
  • NewYork44M

    Good excuses, and if you throw in the phrase "I suffer from depression"  you are home free.

    Be sure to say that "I suffer from depression" as opposed to saying "I am depressed."

    In the first example you are defining a medical condition.  By simply saying "I am depressed" the elders will encourage you to do more field service. You may end up a pioneer, which is not the plan. 

  • WTWizard

    I seem to have a "bad back".  No, not that it is a disability.  I can lift heavy loads, using my back, without problems.  I am able to do things that involve constant activity with my back, and so long as I am able to do that, my back isn't an issue.  The only things that cause problems are sitting in those chairs (specifically those chairs at the boasting session, since I do not seem to have issues with other chairs) and spending time in field circus.  Nothing else seems to cause problems, though if I go to a boasting session, there is a risk that my back will be weak for a week or more.

    And no, those pillows they use for back support do not work.  It is those particular chairs.  Or, perhaps it is being in close proximity to too many LIE-bles in use for a prolonged period.  I could be allergic to those damnation books.

  • Vidiot
    It's quite the paradigm shift when you realize that your life is your business and that nobody at the Hall is particularly entitled to an explanation for what you do with it.
  • kairos

    These comments are great.

    The replies I have received on this site have greatly helped me to be confident to march right on out of the ORG.

    Thank You!!

  • fukitol

    All you have to do is say "I'm just having a break; will be back soon"

    Works like magic.

  • Divergent

    I was STUMBLED by... (insert reason)

  • brandnew
    I stopped at a 7-11, and the slurpy machine was overflowing, and there were camels running wild in the parking lot ! !

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