72% Voter Turnout in Iraq

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  • jeanniebeanz
    a crowd surrounded the ambulance and forced the men out who were turned over to the authorities.

    I was hoping this would happen! As soon as the people themselves tell the terrorists "you are no longer welcome here" it will grow increasingly difficult for them to find hiding places and support.

    And on the ink dipped fingers thing; YES!

    It is ridiculous how happy the voter turnout in Iraq and the courage the Iraqi people are showing has made me this morning.


  • SixofNine

    And uh,yes... Baghdad Bob, do you have any other numbers that you'd like us to report?

  • dh
    72% Voter Turnout in Iraq

    As if you believe that. What a joke. LOL

  • czarofmischief
    I just don't get why Americans get so excited about the alleged 72% Iraqis going to the polls.

    Well, in many ways it's a vindication of democracy. Plus so many were so pessimistic about the Iraqi resolve to take charge of their own nation; and even those on my side were getting gloomy, but it is so refreshing and such an inspiring thing. It gives us hope to keep up the struggle for democratic involvement even within our own borders.

    When I said europe, I should have been more specific; I mean France and Germany's current governments which seem to want to be appeasers (as well as corruptly invovled in the OFF scandal.) I meant maybe the voters in those countries would take heart and elect stronger leaders. (Like those in Poland, Britain, the former government in Spain, Italy, South Korea, and all the other nations involved in this).

    It is also a psychological reward for Americans; we are terrified of being hated, and seeing the Iraqis, even the ones that don't like us very much, reaching out and endorsing a new form of government that we helped set up with our blood and money, well, it makes us feel good.

    It also means this: This war can be won. We are winning. There is a better future, and this is the way we are getting there. The experiment, this daring innovation, is actually starting to succeed; and if it manages to clear the next few hurdles... ah, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Our tactics are working, those of our enemies are not succeeding. And those who would pay any price for "peace" should be ashamed when seeing those brave Iraqis risking their lives just to vote.

    Plus, like Simon said, 72% invovlement in ANY democracy is impressive. It's a ringing endorsement by the Iraqi people for a democratic government.

    Mostly I just feel an overwhelming sense of relief. Deep down, all the gloomy predictions made by the Left were starting to weigh on me - what if all those soldiers really HAD died for nothing? What if we really COULDN'T win against the terrorists? What if there was simply no way to start democratic reform in the Middle East and we were doomed to wait for annihilation of our culture and civilization?

    But it has started, thank God, and it is a concrete foundation that all of Iraq can build on. By God, even those opposed to the war can still be proud of what has happened today. Even in the face of dissent, the democratic world showed that it will not be cowed by fear. That we are strong enough to tolerate dissent and discussion even in the heat of battle. That should be a powerful lesson for all of us.

    Whoof, I need to sleep.


  • bisous

    The Independent Election Commission of Iraq clarified an earlier estimate of a 72 percent turnout in Sunday's election, saying that the "figures are only very rough, word-of-mouth estimates gathered informally from the field."

    "It will take some time for the IECI to issue accurate figures on turnout," the statement said. "What is certainly the case is that turnout has exceeded expectations throughout the country."

    Yes, voter turnout has been significant given conditions. CNN and voting officials are backing away from 72% figure. CNN just reported that the number is highly probable to be lower than 72%, and since the polls closed just 2-3 hours before it is impossible to tell at this time.

    Even with our sophisticated systems in the US, it is difficult for us to report exact voter turnout this quickly.

  • xenawarrior

    LMAO- the media that is reporting 72% turnout (that we aren't supposed to believe) is the same media that doesn't want anything positive reported lest GWB gets credit for it. So now suddenly they are reporting something positive and it's not true? That would bode well for GWB wouldn't it? It can't be both ways ya know.

    I'm very happy for the people of Iraq and how they have taken a stand for their own future with this election. It shows how much they want to be FREE.

  • bisous

    I didn't make the above report, I just shared it. My comment shared the most recent media statements, it is up to the reader or viewer to determine what to believe.

    Ya gotta stop following me around XW, it's embarrassing.

  • SixofNine

    Look, even I hope the number is high enough to lend some air of legitimacy to the Iraqi government.

    But PLEASE people, you look stupid throwing around 72% as if that has a basis in reality. Please stop, lest ye start wearing the pompoms of the Geraldo Rivera class.

    You won't have any semi-reliable figures for a few days. BBC reported 60%. Then came back and clarified; 60% is the number that potentially could have voted. That.is.not.news.

  • NewLight2

    ". .. give the Iraqis a little credit (and hope)." --roybatty

    Well Said!! Roy, your whole post said it all!


  • xenawarrior

    LMAO bisous- until I just looked at this I hadn't even read your post. Seems you and I were typing at the same time. It may appear as though I was speaking to your post but in reality I wasn't- I was speaking to the others who were naysaying the 72% turnout before you posted. But if you'd like to think I'm following you- have at it. I must be a speed typist then Two minutes to read your post, absorb it and then type my response. Yeah, I'm following you.

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