I found a big ol' fat lie again in there!

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  • gumby

    Brummie, I love heavy heavy people. It's just when their heavy and they lie that gets me. Yip, big ol' fat liars they are!

    Viv.....geesh, even Jesus said ass a buncha times. I said arse just in case he was listening to me.

    Avengers....pigeons only live in southern california on chicken ranches and in a few backwoods places in the Netherlands......it was a dove dammit!

    LT......I'm no more obsessed than ex-dubs are with current dubs. It's close to the same for me.


    What we have in John is not the ?at the time, on the spot? account, but John is telling later on, he is testifying, of what he saw at Jesus baptism, to others.

    This testimony by John would have been after Jesus days in the wilderness. Because John would probably have not known were Jesus went after the baptism. He would have been telling others about what he saw.

    That was just awful my friend.....awful! Surely you can do better with a believable explanation. Try some commentaries or dictionaries. I'm sure one of those apologist have the answer. Actually, scully made the most sense, however the greek word for "Immediently" seems to indicate muey pronto por fa-vor'.


  • kwintestal
    Wasn't John getting up in years when he wrote down his story? I mean, don't a lot of old dudes start mixing up the order of events?

    Do I go pee before I get out of bed, or after? Oh no! Wrong one.

    I would uneducatedly guess that the bit of the 40 days in the wilderness didn't happen, but perhaps was a parrible that Jesus spoke of. Few of the apostles would have known him at this point and would have had to rely on Jesus telling them of what happened.


  • RunningMan

    As I recall my lessons from "The Greatest Man" book, the differences prove their authenticity. Wanna know how?

    Well, if two people witness a traffic accident, quite often they will come away with different accounts. It doesn't mean that the accident didn't happen or that they weren't there. That's just the way humans work. So, when two Bible writers tell contradictory stories, it means that it must really have happened.

    Now, let's see how many logical flaws we can find in that argument.

  • garybuss

    When Jesus was camping in the desert (associating) with Satan, what was the order of their outings?

  • gumby

    Hi Gary. I don't follow you. What do you mean....what was the order of events?

    I just did some re-search in Matthew Henry's Commentary and a few others. Nobody seems to want to comment on Johns story as being different than the other gospel writers

    The commentators indicate it was of primary importance that after Jesus baptism, it was very important that he was prepared for the work ahead of him and that is why he was led immediently by the (good spirit) to the Wilderness.

    Scully. I'm re-niggin on my apologies for Mark. Mark was not the big fat liar.......John was. Mark followed suit of the other 2 gospel writers. Here (John) is Jesus closest buddy who knew Jesus as well as anyone......and he omits Jesus temptation in the Wilderness.....a primary point the other writers make.

    John was the lyin bastard.


  • Country_Woman

    Since nobody can ask anybody what precisely did happen, I opt for the possibility that the Spirit drove him into the wilderness but going that direction, he found the marriage on his path, joined it, and direct after that resumed his travels into the wilderness....

  • LittleToe

    Ya mean he didn't get to taste any of that delicious wine?

    Gumby:Are you callin' my pal John a big fat liar?!!!

  • Vivamus
    Viv.....geesh, even Jesus said ass a buncha times.

    HE DID NOT! How dare you suggest that to me! My virgin ears are shocked!

  • Valis
    HE DID NOT! How dare you suggest that to me! My virgin ears are shocked!

    What about the rest of you?

  • Vivamus

    The rest well, naturally the rest is shocked as well

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