Special meeting March 7

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  • Jim_TX

    Well... I haven't been to one of their 'meetings' in years - but I can make a guess like anyone else can...

    1) Like has already been mentioned... they're gonna 'add' another boring meeting to the ever-growing list - to keep the average joe-blow in the dark - and off those 'internet-connected' computers.

    2) They are a month away from their precious 'memorial' - and are gonna have a 'special' campaign to get as many suckers in the door on that night. *yawn*

    It's probably #2... #1 would create a revolt.

    Sooooo... most of us - who haven't been - in a coons' age - can expect a 'friendly' phone call from some friend/relative - that we haven't heard from in ages.


    Jim TX

  • sugarbritches

    Hey jim-tx- when is the memorial this year- do you know? sugarbritches

  • bebu

    Maybe they'll officially redefine the scarlet beast!


  • Sweetp0985

    reading over this and the other thread it reminds of when my step mother used to tell me about one day all the "faithful" witnesses will be allowed into the kingdom hall and Jehovah will not allow any of the "unfaithful" ones to come in...and then a "big secret" will be given to all the faithful ones and they won't be allowed to tell anyone who wasnt there to hear it for themselves...wonder if thats what finally gonna happen???

  • orangefatcat

    You know what kills me? Is the Society trying to make JWs crazy or what again?

    First of all the Memorial is March 20th. So I am thinking t hat this special meeting on the 7th has something to do with that or Its just another way of making every JW go to the meeting that day.

    If this was so very very immportant why are they WTS waiting until March 7th.to tell the witnesses what to do? I bet is to do with the upcoming memorial and up coming conventions. You know maybe they aren't going to allow anyone who is not a witness into a convention site, only those wearing a badge. Because of all the insanity in the world and they don't want their convention bombed or something like that. You know as someone said earlier that its just a ploy by the Society to get everyone hyped up or(hyper)which?

    What ever its all about I know I am not going to the Kingdom Hall that day. Anyway its my mother's birthday. OOPs I forgot she'll be at the Kingdom Hall

    I suppose we have to wait and see what comes down the grape vine..

    Love Orangegatcat

  • londoner

    Maybee they are going to play national Bingo, the cards are only £1 , and the money goes to a good cause.

  • stillajwexelder

    Speculation at this stage - I have heard nothing yet

  • blondie

    Just a side note, the Memorial this year is on March 24 after sundown, in case anyone was planning on attending.

  • Neo

    The Organized to Accomplish Our Ministry (OM book) will be replaced with a book titled Organized to Do Jehovah's Will.

    Check the thread: New OM Book replacement & Upcoming Elder School


  • jws
    Speculation at this stage - I have heard nothing yet

    Speculation as to the content of the meeting or whether there is a special meeting on Mar 7th?

    Whether they do have something to announce or whether this is a publicity stunt is yet to be seen. But it is generating buzz. Buzz means people have some excitement and enthusiasm and they'll be talking about it. It's kind of like a mini-1975. For the next month or so, JWs will be speculating, is the end really about to come? Is that the announcement? Oh my, I'd better start being a good JW and get out in service.

    Of course, I can do my own speculating. I doubt it's anything doctrinal. Those have usually been handled through the Watchtower. When they changed the generational thing, they did it through the Watchtower. Unless they feel this is a bad aproach, I don't think it's a doctrine change.

    Growth in the US was 0%. One possibility is that this is a stunt to revitalize the preaching work. First to inflate those memorial numbers, and then to get some of those memorial people coming back and participating again.

    Another thing, as mentioned here a few times is that the Awake may be going to monthly rather than 2 times/month. That's kind of a big change and may require the proper smoothing to project it as a positive thing.

    The new blood paperwork just came up. This could be a follow-up. Maybe a new blood booklet for you to give to your doctors.

    Or they could be announcing changes in organization, branch offices, etc.

    We'll just have to wait and see. If anybody is still attending, please go and report back to us. If it's super-secret, might even be a good thing to tape.

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