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by UncleI 63 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Carmel

    The "world" has already ended. You just missed the bus. Time to catch up with your own taxi! Dam, man try "making sure of all things" for once.


  • Puternut

    Please allow yourself to 'stumble' across webpage, and see if that won't make your stomach churn before you decide to mingle with the JW'S again.


  • pr_capone

    Welcome to the forum Uncle. Alot of good peopel here who have been through similar things. If ya need anything at all, dont hesitate to ask.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Gill

    Hi UncleI and welcome.

    There's a lot you can learn on this forum if you chose to take the time. Like you, I still thought that the JWs had the truth until I took the time to really find out. Now I know for a fact that they don't. That's when you get you freedom. But you really do have to study and find out for yourself and then one day, you wake up and start to live.

    Have fun and start with simple things like 607 BCE, failed prophecies and blood transfusions. There are lots of brilliant sites, (if the WTBTS haven't managed to shut them down yet) with great information in them.

    Ask yourself why the WTBTS is frantically trying to close sites that give info on their old light views.

    Have fun and hope to hear your opinions as you find out more!


  • rebel8

    I don't think it's terribly uncommon for someone to still believe "it's the truth" in the first stages of leaving the org. People are all different and have different rates of healing.

    If you still believe their doctrines are correct, there's nothing wrong with following them. I support people's right to practice whatever they wish, as long as they are not being hurt nor are they hurting others. That leads me to a bit of advice: No matter how much you agree with their doctrines, stay away from JWs. They are a high control group. That is unhealthy emotionally and psychologically.

    PS--I would really love a picture of that fake wave, and the story you were told about it. [email protected]

  • BluesBrother

    Welcome aboard Uncle!.

    I think that you are brave to post when you first find the board, most of us "lurked" for a while to get the measure of the place. Take your time, and learn to enjoy the divergence of opinion and banter, rather than expect everyone to be "United and in agreement"

    For what it is worth, my wife is also a devout JW. While she is at her group study tonight, I also discuss the scriptures here

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Welcome Uncle ! (it's nice to meet distant relatives)

    All I can say based on my experience is that I really do think it is the truth BUT, just as in Israels time, the organisation has allowed itself to become corrupted and those who know what the truth is and how things should be done are being pushed out shut down

    Do you REALLY believe it?s the ?truth? or are you assuming it is? And regarding ?the organization?, which organization are you talking about? The organization that Pastor Russell started in 1880?s is still around with the original name ? Bible Students. After his death, there were over 20 offshoot groups ? The Jehovah?s Witnesses were just one of them. So who followed who? Below is the link to the Bible Students with some really interesting things to read about their history and beliefs.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Welcome Uncle.

    Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship.

    Country Girl

  • LeslieV

    Welcome Uncle, stick around you will find lots of nice people to discuss your doubts with.


  • mkr32208

    Here's my two cents Unc... You need to READ and I mean read a LOT! There's more twist to this plot than you may think!

    As to "breaking down" while telling your life story thats ok this is after all group therapy of a sort! Here's my other penny though! Don't tell your story yet! Your still to close to the story... You've been out four years but in your mind YOUR STILL IN! How can I say that better hmmmmm.

    Ok if your on a airplane and your getting ready to take off (big ass plane not a piper!) You can't see the runway, your too close! Just like you and your life story! Then the plane takes off and starts getting some altitude you can see everything! Not just the runway but the hangers and parking garages and highways and your house! You see what I'm getting at? Reading is the engine that propels this airplane and the more you read the more you can see and this includes your own story! The WBTS has convinced you that their is nothing to see so their isn't any point taking off much less looking out the window! There is a whole big world out there though! Once you get a few thousand feet of difference you will be able to SEE your story and then you'll tell it so much better! When your ready we (your fellow passengers and crew) will be here and we'll be ready! So sit down and get comfy! The captain has turned off the no smoking sign (though it's still not a good idea!) Let Valis bring you a pillow and Blondie some peanuts and enjoy the trip!

    Sorry for nattering on... Just feeling wordy today!

    Also ignore anything Brownboy says he's an idiot...

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