I am in my 40's. I was a 'witness' for 25 years, an elder for 18 years. and a PO for two years. I have been df'd and been labeled an 'apostate' I am involved with the silentlambs, since there was a story that needed to be told about the injustices in the borg. There are more stories to follow on that site. The injustices and abuses are still going on in the borg. It IS a mind controlling cult ! People beware...... Coming to this board has been a life line for me. There are many good people here, who have been affected by the WT. Many are still trying to recover. We are in this together, and we all need to show unconditional love for each other. Something the WT doesn't practice eventhough they label themselves as 'christians'. I grew up in the Caribbean, I love to travel. Interests are; Aviation, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Cooking, Music, and Art, Maui, Hawaii