Elders & Circuit Overseer Get Caught In A BIG Lie!

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  • stillajwexelder

    There is just so much love in the org you can almost feel it

  • upside/down

    I just hope these clowns don't back-peddle and do a 180 on her, and apoloogize and try to "right" the "mistake" that's been made.

    Then she'll say, see how SORRY and REPENTANT they are toward me, that took some real HUMILITY! Only a true worshipper of J could be capable of that. Holy spirit is definitely on these bro's. Blah Blah Blah....

    Oh I pray that doesn't happen.


  • AlmostAtheist
    Maybe Minimom should write her own letter to the Society, tell them what really happened...

    I love this idea, as long as she's comfortable with the consequences. Wow, they really work hard to show their members what jerks they are, and yet they still have members. Amazing paradox.

  • minimus

    She was encouraged by a few to write to the Society. She said even if the Society reinstated her-------she wouldn't want it.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey Min,

    Does your mom have something to replace it with? You said she's lost her zeal, so she needs to get her zeal onto something else. Otherwise she's just going to sit around not doing stuff. I hope she has something.

    My mom's church keeps her busy, she's a deaconess (which means she teaches sunday school and bakes alot) and she's on some sort of prayer circle thingy. My dad writes Visual Basic programs (his latest is a computer version of Careers) and fixes broken stuff on their farm. They are active, happy folks.

    I hope your mom has or can get something like that going for herself.


  • Odrade

    Of course, it's not really about getting her "privileges" back at this point, is it? If I were in her shoes, it would be about not letting them force me to "step down," then go around telling everyone that it was my own doing.

    A liar is a liar. No wonder she is angry. Personally, I hope she DOES write a letter-- to the D.O. and to the Society. I wonder who they will back? Surely not some older sister against the Elders and C.O.

    I'll bet their response would make Minimom megamad. Sounds like the lady has a keen sense of justice.

    BTW, I was wondering what MiniMRS is saying about the whole thing?

  • minimus

    I don't know what could replace what she's LOVED all these years. She'll be 79 this summer. I believe that if she speaks truthfully about what really happened, they'll get her for being disruptive and disorderly. Imagine an 80 year old woman being announced simply because she tells the truth and won't whitewash anything.

  • minimus

    MiniMrs. has been disgusted by everything she has seen as well as my daughter!

  • AlanF

    It could happen, minimus. The most important thing in the JW world is to maintain the power structure. Anyone who threatens it by telling the truth is fair game for elders and COs.

    About 20 years ago Richard Rawe, who was DF'd, was caring for his 85-year-old JW mother by visiting her every day and providing her with supper. This was convenient since they lived only a few blocks away from one another. The local elders pressured her to have no contact with her son, and said that they would visit her every day and provide a meal. Well we all know how long that would have lasted. She refused to go along, and they DF'd her.


  • minimus

    Alan, who is Richard Rawe? He sounds so familiar.

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