Elders & Circuit Overseer Get Caught In A BIG Lie!

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  • FairMind

    I don’t think that the reason they are telling everyone MiniMom stepped down has any thing to do with showing her the respect she deserves. They remove Mini’s mom because she acted on her own conscience and not some ridiculous WTS rule (40 years of Pioneer service meant nothing). They are lying about why she is no longer a pioneer because the truth makes the WTS look like the controlling and mean spirited organization it often is. All this IMOHO.


  • minimus

    Who knows what might happen? She still doesn't want to look at "that apostate book by Franz".


    Mini, if things go for shit,she`s going to need you to be calm and collected..It will be the best way to help her get through this...OUTLAW

  • TheEdge

    Have already expressed my views - PLEASE keep us updated in this, and much love to your Mum.

    Have to say, Fairmind, your comment about ''acting on own conscience'' I don't think really exists - it's just a ploy to make JWs believe they ARE allowed to make decisions.

  • jgnat

    Brenda Cloutier stole my thunder. It is obvious that the apple does not fall far from the tree. MiniMom has a fine sense of justice.

    I wish we could find her a hobby that could give her purpose. How about volunteering to read to blind people? It is almost the same as going out in service.

  • minimus

    She always wrote letters to the survivors of those that had died. I think her pioneering days are over!

  • mouthy

    Who knows what might happen? She still doesn't want to look at "that apostate book by Franz". Sorry to hear that Minimus. She is MY age & it is so hard to trust after lengthy teaching in the Watchtower.She sounds like a gutsy gal!!! Honest also... Please just keep telling her of your love -with a cuddle now & again. Dont give her TOOO much false stuff to begin, That was done to me-I wanted to kill myself. To learn that I had gone through so much for nothing was devastating,Beatings,no insurance -not letting my kids go to college-judging my hubby harshly--telling him he was going die at Armeggedon--Etc Etc.. It was the love that some folks ( Worldly) showed me that made me reconsider the death penelty!!! Hang in sweetie -you have enough love for us all....((((HUG)))

  • minimus

    Thanks Mouthy. That was wise and sweet!!!

  • BrendaCloutier
    Brenda Cloutier stole my thunder

    jgnut - Thunder Away! Minimus and Minimom are awesome. A Delicious apple doesn't fall far from a Delicious apple tree.... I just couldn't come up with any other metaphore at that moment for a walking Red Dot. I think I just did! Ha!

    A Red Dot doesn't drip far from the Paint Brush? Naw, after having just painted most of the interior of our house, paint drips are found in amazing places....

    Aaah. Ok jgnut, help me out here.

  • Jez

    Isn't it great. We don't have to do much to prove that JW do not have 'the truth', that they are not the 'true religion'. They are doing it themselves quite well.

    Enjoying watching them topple their own house. Jez

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