Elders & Circuit Overseer Get Caught In A BIG Lie!

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  • minimus

    My mom has lost her zeal. She has understood that the "brothers" are nothing special. They are mere men. Elders have been visiting her in waves since her removal as a regular pioneer after 40 years of service in (to) the organization. They keep telling her not to tell others that she was "removed" but that "she stepped down". My mother expressed that in fact, she "NEVER stepped down". Well, come to find out, the Circuit Overseer put on his report that SHE stepped down for health reasons and no mention was ever made of the real reason to the Society "out of respect for her service of 40 years as a pioneer." The elders said, "The Circuit Overseer did the loving kind thing by not putting in writing that she was removed for attending her granddaughter's wedding to a 'worldly' guy". My mom CLEARLY told the elders she would NOT stop telling the truth about her removal......This will be interesting.

  • candidlynuts

    oooo! they just make me madder and madder... go Minimus MOM! she sounds like quite a lady!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Mini, maybe your mother will end up feeling exactly as you do about the org. I hope so. Wouldn't it be wonderful is she did?

  • upside/down

    Bummer... And I felt I suffered wasting just 20 years of my life...

    When I was in the "ass kissing" stage of being a Dub the "more correct" terminology was to "step aside", as "stepping down", implied that you were "above" your brothers and sisters.

    Do they still subscribe to this hair-splitting gibberish?


  • TheEdge

    Am Utterly Gobsmacked - Speechless even. The ''God Squad'' must have been having a lean time and needed a persecution fix.

  • upside/down


    "a persecution fix" I think I'm gonna pee!

    u/d ROTFL

  • undercover

    Good for mini-mom. It's the first step in seeing that all is not what is seems in the JW world.

    Good luck, minimus, I hope she joins you and your family in your new found freedom from religous oppression. I wish we could all see our families come out together. But for those that can't, we'll live vicariously through yours.

  • Rabbit

    Hooray for your Mom! Right is right and she knows what a lie is ! Maybe, just maybe...this will cause her to take a 2nd step now.

    It also sounds like the Elders & CO are BOTH rather embarrassed at their actions of removing her for going to a wedding -- after all those long years of loyalty. And...to do this to a 'little old lady'...*sigh* even they are ashamed.


  • Odrade

    Maybe Minimom should write her own letter to the Society, tell them what really happened...


  • Elsewhere

    She should have a lawyer send them a letter threatening to sue for slander and liable.

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