Blondie . You are amazing

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  • z

    I'm new here though not JW ( I'm Jwish not beliver ) I do read all Blondie posts the are other here too but boy Blondie you ROKES thx

  • bebu

    Everyone is wrong. THIS is Amazing:

    Just funnin' with you, Blondie. You're shrewd, wise, and a real asset to the board by all the work you do--especially for the WT reviews.


  • observador

    Nobody has a blondie like ours. :)

    I think she should write a book.



    There is no doubt..Blondie Rocks!..I have been brought up to date so many times from her posts.She is truley an asset to this board...OUTLAW

  • Scarlet

    I love Blondies weekly post I look forward to them every week. They are great.

  • carefully faded
    carefully faded

    Hi Blondie,

    Sorry for asking for your information - I had no idea you were like me . . ."carefully faded". I will totally respect that and will continue to build my own story of your life within the JW organization.


    - CF

  • wednesday

    Only one thing Blondie, I miss your little Power Girl avatar.

    Seriously, Blondie, U, JT, GaryBuss, Lady Lee (who I misss) Randy walters , and God love him, Brummie, have been my mentors.

  • snakeizz

    I must agree...blondie u bring "new light" (LOL) to all of us...I'm at your feet

  • wanderlustguy

    Blondie is gonna have trouble getting through doorways with the big head from all this attention!

    Very impressive, I believe the measure of a person is what they have done for others...I can only imagine your impact in the real world, with such a stong presence here.

    Best Regards!


  • jgnat

    About influence and impact and standing out in a crowd.

    An analogy I like to use for amazing people like Blondie is that they are like the glowing coals in a mature fire, pulsing with warmth and energy. Many outstanding people blaze like a bonfire, shooting for the stars, shouting for attention. All that flame, though, does not give the best heat. My dad taught me the finest cooking is done with the mature fire, when it had died down to a lazily pulsing red glow.

    Blondie's great strength is internal, you might miss her in the crowd if you are not paying attention. But touch Blondie's coal, and you are changed in an instant!

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