Who was told that the New order would be here before......................

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  • TheEdge

    lol Englishman - so NOW we know what sort of prayers God listens to

  • Mary

    My grandmother was told that my mother would never get to grade 2. That was in 1940. Then my mother was told that she shouldn't get married because "the New System" was so close, she should wait. Then my mother was told that my eldest sister would never go to school.....or graduate from high school. Then my eldest sister's daughter would never graduate from high school. Then my eldest sister's daughter would never get married in this System of Things.....and that HER daughter (my great-niece) would never go to school.........ya, this System of Things lasts longer than the Energizer Bunny.....it keeps going and going and going and going.............

  • Sunspot

    My fifth child was born in '69, and was very smart. (Thanks to Sesame Street!) When it came time for registering her for school---I kept her home (at 5) because she didn't *have* to go until she was 7.

    By age 7 she went to school and was promoted from Kindergarden to 2nd grade in the first week. No educational harm done. :o)

    We thought she'd never get through grade school---and now she's an adult with her own children!

    I was baptized in '72 at age 30. I listened to all that mess about '75 and was a bit shamefaced to all my relatives after it came and went!

    I now have 8 grandchildren and a grandson who will be 23 in March!

    REMEMBER! It's JUST around the corner........



  • avishai
    and one of the ministerial brothers I was working with told me not be interested in such a thing because it promoted evolution and and the fallacy of dinosaurs, which he said was a government conspiracy to brainwash society to believe evolution because in reality the world was only 7000 years old and there was never such a thing as dinosaurs. It sounded pretty retarded to me at the time, I didn't think that such ignorance still existed in this age.

    LOL!!! You should have showed him the front of the green bible. With the picture of the dinosaur in it.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Many, many years ago, this sister gave birth to a baby boy and she used to say she's not worried about school pressures because the New System would be here before her son would attend school.

    Today she's a grandmother by said son.

    I use that comment of hers whenever I can to dispute this lie of a New System coming soon.


  • BrendaCloutier

    In 1973 after my sophomore (10th) year, my parents said I could either return to HS my Jr. year, or they would buy me a car and I could pioneer until the end came. It was "common" knowledge that the end was going to come about 1975. (But, of course, they were wishy-washy - I think today's term is flip-flop)

    Hey, a CAR! So I temp pioneered. I didn't like it. When school started I was really depressed because I wanted to go back. I had an awesome year scheduled, including teaching assistant. (PS, third car, by that winter, was a 67 Mustang, 302 with holly carb)

    I finally caught a husband and married him June 1975 - I was 18-1/2. I fell-out/faded, whatever, within the next couple of years because of the horrible treatment I received in his cong. Hey, he was an asshole, too.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I was from the time that clearly knew that 1975 would bring the end. I was asking my father to let me quit school and full time pioneer like my 2 older sisters, Dad said no; I had to finish high school. I graduated high school in 1974 ( very quietly with no fanfare) and went right into full time pioneering. Yep, I wanted that first class ticket to the new world..... all these years later i can say, "Thanks Dad, for your forsight.."..

  • Dustin

    What I really hated was the fact they always made you put your life on hold. You weren't supposed to go to college, marriage should be held off until the New System, why store up material things. It was absolutely ridiculous. When you look at the organization from an outsider's perspective, you can see just how crazy their promises were. I still find it hard sometimes to wipe away the thought of this system is coming to an end. When it's been drilled into your head for such a long time, it's quite a shock when you realize it was all lies.


  • Nosferatu

    I was 7 years old in 1985. My mother told me that this wicked system of things wouldn't last another 5 years. Here I am almost 20 years later, and this wicked system of things is still around.

  • happehanna

    I was told not to worry about my exams at school as the new system would be here before I had to take them that was in the early 60's

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