Who was told that the New order would be here before......................

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  • unclebruce
    I was told that Ronald Reagan would be the last President before Armageddon

    well, he and madam thatcher tried their best to bring it on lol

    G'day OUTLAW,

    Where I lived, in 1974 there were two main camps. Some, myself included, thought 1984 a more likely year (there were great animated discussions about how long it took Adam to get lonely - and we figured there was no way we could finish the preaching work, see all the churches toppled by Nixon, Breshnev & co, have a great tribulation etc.. all in under one year) gee, I was a dorky wanker.

    Then there was the other camp who you couldn't talk to about any of that .. they had car loans and house mortgages depending on the armageddon cancellation policy comming soon, real soon! A lot of JWs even had houses picked out in the leafy rich suburbs.


  • wannaexit

    the New order would be here before I finished grade school

    The New order would be here definitely before I finished high school

    The New order would be here before I got married

    The New order would be here before I had kids

    The New order would be here before my kids started school.

    I don't know this new order just ain't coming


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Around 5th grade (1970?) was when I started being consciously aware of the urgency of the situation before 1975. I spent the following four years in deathly fear of 8th grade (when the end was scheduled to appear), knowing I would die if I wasn't baptized. I would do something bad, then immediately feel guilty for several weeks, praying and praying. I tried to do right so that I could get baptized, but my Mother didn't think I was dedicated enough, and she was probably right. After that year came and went, my phobias were firmly ingrained, but my faith was gone! After that, I just got along to get along, until I could get out. Thanks Mom for having the guts to not let me get baptized until I could understand!

    Country Girl

  • Dan-O

    "Why do you want to waste your time going to college, Dan? The time is short! This system will probably even end before you graduate from high school (1982), let alone college (1986)! The generation that saw the coming of Christ in 1914 is getting older, and Jehovah promised that they would not pass away before ... blah-blah-blah-blah ..."

  • Dan-O
    "Yep...the way things are shaping up, I don't see how things can go on much longer. It's looking like about 18 months out right now, maybe quicker depending on what happens in Iraq."

    Kinda like what we heard 25 or 30 years ago about the conflict between Israel & Egypt, Israel & the PLO, Israel & Syria, etc.


    Hey UncleBruce,how have you been keeping?I managed to get out of the "Great White North" wilderness with my life(It was close more than a few time`s LOL!).Good to hear from you...OUTLAW

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