Who was told that the New order would be here before......................

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  • unclebruce

    Before I finished high school in 1984. Well I finish it, I pioneered for 7 years, after I got married, I have to kids and the New Order didn't came yet. 21 years past ever since, almost a quarter of century!!!

    Does any one KNOWS to tell me what went wrong!!! The new order didn't came yet because you wasn't pioneering hard enough - the great tribulation cannot come till everybody's been preached to! How do you think poor Ol' Jesus and Judge Rutherford feels sitt'n up there on his horse all these years waiting for the preach'n work to finish?

  • johnathanseagull

    I was told by an "Annoited" in 1984, that and I quote

    "that the world was sooooo wicked, I cant see it lasting more than three years before Jehovah brings his destruction upon the earth"



  • bem

    ....My youngest a toddler, this was in 1991at the time I was baptized, went to school. last year of school for him next year.

    Then an elder told my oldest son he would never graduate high school in this system. that graduation was in 1997.

    An elders wife said one time in passing. she supposed that they would still be paying his docotor bills off in the new system. He has since passed away and she has remarried. Don't know about the bills.

  • TheEdge

    I was told 1975 - which, upon that year drawing to a close, changed to 1976 (and I was young etc - most of you will identify with how I felt, so no need to go there) - and lately I have mentioned this ''1975 Prophesy'' to a JW, and they deny that The Organisation ever predicted this year!!

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Over the years I had heard several people speculate about what could or could not be accomplished before the "end." Most of the time the comments were from rank and file witnesses and, looking back, I dismiss the comments as being nothing more than wishful thinking. However, in 1980 I was told by a CO that I would not finish college before the end. This statement was not from someone in the deluded "rank and file" class but from an official of the wbts. What he said had to be taken seriously. I did start college that fall but dropped out after one semester. Fast forward a decade and a half...I went back to college and graduated in 2001. Normally I don't hold grudges or wish ill on people, but I hope that CO is today living in a van down by the river or in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere digging through dumpsters to feed himself.

  • dh

    My mother never thought we were ever going to grow up in 'this system'. That was 30 years ago.

  • nicolaou

    I was told that Ronald Reagan would be the last President before Armageddon.

  • filip

    I was told at 9/11 that NOW the end was here. Also not long afterwards, somebody important politician said what had been prophecied (I dont know the english way say it but direct translated from danish): "And the nations will say: Peace and safety..." or something, and now the prophecie was fulfilled and all religion would be forbidden. I was told that the big A would come in less than 5 years.

    Let me see, that was 3 years ago, that leaves a maximum of 2 years...

  • AlanB

    My Sister was born in 1972. Everyone at the hall would look at her in her pram and say, at least she will never have to go to school.

    My Sister is now 'out' living with the father of her children and her eldest child is about to start school.


  • NeonMadman

    Hmmm, I may have the oldest experience in the thread so far...

    When I graduated high school in 1969, I was told not to bother going to college, but to pioneer instead, because if I went to college, Armageddon would be here before I graduated, and what would Jehovah think of me if I didn't serve him to the best of my ability when I had the chance?

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