Why I am leaving JWD

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  • Country_Woman
    (And this thread only....for today!)

    Hah, you're on a diet.

    Most of what you've said in your post, I do agree. On the whole, nobody is completely good or bad and that goes for the watchtower as well.

    Only when you look at them the way THEY view things, they are completely bad.

    Remember what they told us about Christianity ? That however you may think there is in every belief something good, which with you could agree, the churches were absolutely BAD.

    We on the other hand are able to put things in perspective.

    Depending on how much somebody is hurt by the Watchtower and in what way they are abused, makes the difference if they are able to see "the good" , untill the pain has been washed away, they only will see the "bad" which is just normal.

    Meanwhile, I like your posts and hope to see them in the future as well.


  • Evesapple

    so I'm not really special? But Barney says so.....I watch it every morning with my kid, damn Barney, you really should have talk with him Bradley....I'm just kidding, good luck on your road to success, growth is good and change is always good. We never stop learning really....you've brought up a lot of thought provoking thoughts on this site, but maybe it's time for you to loosen up your tie a little bit, have some fun....have a few drinks, hang out with kids, you'll really learn the true meaning of life from a fresh and virgin viewpoint. It's good to swim deep sometimes, but sometimes you just gotta come up for a little air.

    It was nice meeting you to by the way at the apostate fest, hope you'll stay in touch!


  • outbutnotdown
    I can though,someday,when I have the courage and circumstance,break the cycle,and love my kids unconditionally,not based on money or religion,or looks,or faults------and do everthing in my power to help them,without forcing idealogical crap down thier throat.


    While I do believe with your basic philosophy as you stated it in your original and second post on this topic, I think others here are saying pretty much the same things, just differently.

    Stopthepain's quote above is just as valid as your "Just let it go" quote. Seems to me that he/she has taken a negative (of NOT being shown unconditional love) and recognized that there is a better way to go through life. His/her recognition of the poorer way to "love", IMO should be misconstrued as a lack of letting go on his/her part.

    Some would even make the point that he/she must be a pretty damn good person to have "broken the cycle", despite the odds against it sometimes.


  • Fleur

    You'll be back.

    Good luck in your studies, see ya around.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    it only takes two people to make an enemy when the people are on equal footing . the WTS has many "enemies" - the innocents they victimized... CHILDREN. and it that case, the WTS has to assume ALL RESPONSIBILITY, which they don't, and never will.

    of course there is such a thing as a normal life. if you say there's no such thing as "normal", then you have to assert that there's no such thing as "abnormal", which is exactly what growing up under the umbrella of the witnesses IS. i honestly can't find one single GOOD thing about the organization, but if you choose to, that's your privilege and perception.

    my childhood WAS stolen from me, and there's no way anyone can ever make me believe otherwise.

    take a drive in a ghetto and ask yourself if these kids playing in some delapidated sandlot have "normal" childhoods?

    all i have to do is recall my own experience of growing up in squalor to appreciate this comment, i don't need to take a drive to a ghetto.

    every one of us is on his own path and no one has a right to tell anyone to just let go or that his struggle is not unique, because it is unique to them. everything people express here is just a tiny window into a much greater experience and can't possibly permit them to express the magnitude of it...still others don't want to put it out here in public to possibly be judged or lessened somehow by turning it into an anecdote, and that is their choice. live & let live is my belief, unless of course someone is hurting a child or helpless person or creature...

  • Golf

    So Brad, my wife was right all along, she says I'm not 'normal.' I was getting worried there for awhile.

    Enjoy your studies and relax a bit, OK?


  • hillary_step

    take care Brad,

    I just bought a plant and it is delightful.

    Make sure that you smoke it and that it does not smoke you.

    Best regards - HS

  • Special K
    Special K


    I agree with some things you write .. but not much.

    I have found you very stuck in psychology or philosophy and of course your ever frequent topic of sex...lol

    I guess, to me, you seem to get in that frame of some which I think is .. "analayze to paralyze". Might have something to do with what your taking in school. I've met a lot of psychology students who do this for awhile.

    I wish you well though, Logansrun and hope you live long, study hard and prosper.

    Good luck

    Special K

  • PinTail

    Truly a very profound abstraction of in-depth blowviating, and swimming along a corridor of platitudes amongst a continuation in personal servitude. Hence I appreciate your engaging in a discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner. Please return to us when you are able to refresh our meager senses.

  • LittleToe

    Closure is possible. I received mine over three years ago, when I left the JW's.
    I enjoy contributing to this board in an endeavor to help others, for social reasons and kinda like a veteran's club. I don't particularly have much of a penchant for digging up and bewailing my past.

    As SIx comments, however, reality is that life goes on. Were affected by various things, our history notwithstanding.
    For all the diabtribe about "the WTS wasn't all bad" (which I have to agree with, albeit only in the most general terms), I would feel far happier actively discouraging someone from joining, than encouraging them to "get the best out of it". I think that speaks tomes about the overall effect of the experience.

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