Why I am leaving JWD

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  • LittleToe

    Some of us continue to have family in the WTS, and so it will continue to affect us (maybe for life). However our attitude to where we are, and where we're going, is far more important IMHO. Getting on with life, with the hand that's been dealt us, we may have occasion to sneak an ace up our sleeves, if we can get away with it ;-)

    We all need breaks from online life, from time to time. I take them irregularly, and am currently on a "cut-back" phase. Enjoy school, Bradley (and the "plant" - hehehe). Just don't forget that in-between filling your head with theory and cogitating on it, that you need to leave room to "just do it!". Life will not only teach, but it will impress upon you the lessons that you crave.

    Acknowledgeing that you have not attained closure was the wisest thing you said in this thread (though most of the other stuff was pretty interesting, too).

    Live long and prosper.
    And see ya again soon...

  • seven006


    Good luck in school. The more you lean the more you realize you don't know shit. When you reach that point, let us know.

    Take care,


  • Golf

    Seven006, you reminded me what the late Will Rogers said, "The more I travel the more I realize how little I know."


  • StinkyPantz

    I'm with 7006 on this one:

    Good luck in school. The more you learn (sic) the more you realize you don't know shit. When you reach that point, let us know.


  • Poztate
    There is plenty of good in the Witnesses -- both as individuals and even as an organization -- and it behooves us to look for it.

    I agree with the first part of your statement.....I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the last part.

  • M.J.

    Thanks for your insights. Your posts are very intelligent and eloquently stated.

    I agree that bitterness and anger are often misplaced and can be over-consuming for some. But at the same time, I sometimes think of the WTS in this light: what if I started such an organization? What if, by my inflated sense of self-importance I decided that I had a direct link to the hidden knowledge of God? That generations of lives were to revolve around my whims and narrow black and white vision of reality? That families as a result would be torn apart when they otherwise wouldn't have, thousands would die, etc? Then, looking back on all this from a just and rational viewpoint, how would I feel about what I had done?

    People need to be held accountable for their actions. The WTS is not exempt.

    My 2 cents. Good luck with your studies. You'll be missed.

  • Brummie

    What concerns me most Brad, is that YOU are leaving with such a LOW self esteem.

    Take care, and do come back, if only to observe and critisise our dysfunctional behaviour. >>roll eyes here<<<

    cheers and good look in everything you do.



  • BeautifulGarbage
    and it behooves us to look for it.

    ugh! I certainly am not going to invest my time in actually LOOKING for the "good" in the WTS. Are you kidding me? It's just going to have to find ME.

    And uh, no thanks, I get my behooving somewhere else.

    Reminds me of a saying "Youth is wasted on the young".

    However, I do wish you well in your future endeavors.

  • Narkissos

    Take care Bradley. I wish you the very best.

  • logansrun

    Couple comments,

    I've often said that the more I know, the less I know. I think what that really means is, there is no such thing as absolute knowledge and there are always manifold perspectives on any one subject (although, all are not equal). So, in that sense, I don't know "shit" as 7006 mentions.

    On the other hand, isn't that knowledge itself knowledge? Understanding that neither you or anyone else has The Answer is probably as close as one can come to that which you cannot get.


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