Did You Ever Enjoy Going To Assemblies and Conventions??

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  • Evesapple

    It was always so exciting, staying in a hotel, buying some new outfits, planning where we were going to eat each day....who would be joining us.....and looking forward to meeting hottie boyz....oh what to wear what to wear.....I also liked the chees danishes but by the last day, I had enough.....what I really hated was the nap attack either right b4 lunch or 2pm shorthly after, and it took all you had not to nod off, you just so unspiritual for getting the sleepies.....

  • Purza

    I used to have fun working in the food service. My dad had a "stand" and I would take the tickets from the people while standing on a milk crate. I also would help get the food -- I remember spilling coffee on myself quite a bit.

    I had fun hanging with my friends as a teen.

    But the last few years I was there, I would dread it. Saturday afternoons were so long as were Sunday mornings before the drama -- for the "meat" talks. The last assembly day I went I spent the day text messaging my boyfriend (now fiancee) -- that was a better use of my time.

    Don't miss anything about being a dub one bit!


  • duffy

    "Than at lunch we here them talking of how wonderful their dinner was last night and that the CO had invited them to dinner! I was heart-brokent then PISSED. I confronted them immediately on their rudeness. They explained that it was obviously a "blessing" from Jehovah to be included by the CO" I never heard of a CO opening his wallet before, did they have to pay for this "blessing"?

  • undercover
    Why do you only go to conventions and NEVER meetings? Unusual, imo. Actually, I've never known anyone to never go to meetings and only go to conventions.

    And this is from your years and years of apostate experience?

  • under74

    I didn't really like them....especially after I became to old to take naps during the talks.

  • TurnpikeJoe

    Yeah I liked them. The congregation we went to didn't have any hott girls. The Conventions always had tons of hotties. They never obeyed the rules about short dresses or low cut dresses either. They still don't.

    You see plenty of T&A at the conventions. I love it!

  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack


    Having grown up in a remote area, I never could (and still can't) tolerate crowds, and the feeling of being shut in.

    I put up with it, though, for a long time:

    - I thought that there must be something wrong with me

    - That maybe there was a point that I was somehow missing.

    Mind you, that mirrored my whole experience in my time with the JWs.

  • unclebruce

    reefton jack - you wouldn't be the country bumpkin from lightning ridge whose songbook I stole on an apostate raid at the Sydney Superdome two years back?

    Years ago the assemblies where exciting.

    We used to cook thousands of proper meals, served on 'airline style' trays, to tons of washing-up. Pre-convention involved erecting massive marques, post-convention take them all down again.

    Then things were simplified, no food, no nothing really.

    Assemblies have lost their sparkle. Not that it bother me that much nowadays.


    I'm with eyeslice. Growning up a JW, assemblies were the only place I felt normal

  • unclebruce

    Internally Laughing My Arse Off!!

    I just noticed this: "Why do you only go to conventions and NEVER meetings?

    Wow .. hey i'm jiggy with that ..it'd be a cool way of meeting chicks - fill a bookbag with thermos and sandwiches .. during the talks, plug a walkman in your ears and scan the bleechers for pretty JW girls ... then during the breaks offer cake to the passing giggle pots .. when you get older change tack and just go to memorials .. settle back with your billy joel cd and sup when the elders pass wine.. could be worse ways to waste yer life ..not!


  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack


    The character whose songbook you stole two years back could not possibly have been me, on two counts:

    - I broke with THEM over ten years ago.

    - One of the first things I did at that time was get to get both my NWT Bible and my songbook - then heave them both into the nearest fire!

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