Did You Ever Enjoy Going To Assemblies and Conventions??

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  • dh

    Growing up as a JW, assemblies were something to look foward to. Just for the fun of it, change of scene, run around, eat ice cream, when I was a bit older I liked the drama's and to hang out with JW friends I didn't get to see much, but other than that, I never enjoyed any of the programming or the hard seats at districts or the lighting that made everyone look orange at the circuits.

    Hell no.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Nope! Never liked them. It was ok when we went to Woodbine Racetrack, we usually sat outside on a blanket, watched the planes, played with cousins and friends. It sucked when it rained though. I remember one DC at London, Ontario, and it poured! We were soaked! Man I hated that. The only good things were we usually got new clothes. Standing in line sucked, the sandwiches sucked, the warm pop sucked. The danishes were good, and the frozen pudding was good too. Seeing friends was good, but as you got older/married and drifted apart, not much to talk about anymore, so that sucked too after a while.


  • Jodo

    The only thing I liked about the conventions was the drama but even they were too long sometimes. The toilet queues weren't much fun either, especially for the ladies.

  • blondie

    min, in 1980 district assemblies became conventions.

    That is one of those changes that some JWs think they can use to spot an "apostate".

  • Goldminer

    just a bigger canvas to display their hypocrisy.but yes,I used to enjoy them at first then I got to see that jw's aren't any different than anybody else who would use these facilities.

  • Elsewhere

    I enjoyed them when I was a kid because I saw them as an exciting social event... there was also the fact that my relatives were all responsible for the "back-end" opperations, so I felt special for being able to go around to all of the back rooms and offices where no one else got to go. This also ment that I did not have to sit through all of the boring talks.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    as a young kid I used to daydream.

    as I got older I volunteered to work ( anything to get out of sitting all day).

    When I was a JW, the assemblies were held at baseball stadiums and racetracks. I now take my kids to baseball games and horse races at those same venues; and have created new happy memories to erase the old.

    to this day when I hear a microphone feed back ; it momentarily brings a rush of bad "assembly" memories. Sort of like waking up from a bad dream.

  • jws

    I remember enjoying them except for when the talks were going on. The only parts I used to look forward to were dramas (how sad).

    As a kid, we had them in town at the local pro baseball stadium. My dad was on the stage construction crew as well as other crews. That means we (brother and I) got to get out on the field and run the bases. How many kids got to do that? When the conventions changed to out-of-town venues, we would camp during the summer months and I loved camping. During winter, we'd usually drive back and forth, but once in a while, we'd get a hotel. It was great because we'd try to get a hotel with a pool. When we got older, it was the chance to see and try to meet girls. When we were drinking age, it was a chance to have hotel parties.

    But the sessions... Mind-numbingly boring. Hopefully our parents let us have note paper (ie doodling paper). If not, I'd just stare and daydream. That's something most of my grade-school report cards said about me - "he daydreams". Well, of course I did. I was in the habit. For pure sanity during 5 hours of meetings a week, I had to learn how to tune out anything boring.

  • pennycandy

    Are you kidding? They were the greatest. The fruit bags, the pudding, the large assortment of cute boys, getting new dresses, getting to sit with a friend and giggle all during the session, seeing old friends, the drama of the drama. We lived for it.

    Of course now it pales in comparison to an afternoon spent on the computer, but at the time it was as good as life got.

  • minimus

    Pennycandy-----what were you, 7??

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