Did You Ever Enjoy Going To Assemblies and Conventions??

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  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby


    Are you keeping a foot in the door 'Just In Case???'

  • ScoobySnax

    lol....maybe something like that....

    (Minimus the post is www.jehovahs-witness.com/12/83118/2.ashx although I think you did a cut and run on that one too!)

    Scoob of the Emperor and still can't cut and paste.

  • Dustin

    No, as a teenager I always hoped I'd find a hot JW girl at one. But JW girls hated me. As a kid I could never stay awake. As an adult I couldn't stop questioning some of the BS they were teaching, and I had a hard time staying awake.


  • minimus

    Why do you only go to conventions and NEVER meetings? Unusual, imo. Actually, I've never known anyone to never go to meetings and only go to conventions.

  • ScoobySnax

    I'm one of them unusual type of people min,,,,,but then you knew that dincha!


  • Gill

    NO! I hated every single nauseating event. My parents would argue all the way there and back. I would have to sit inbetween them passing messages: 'Tell your father.....' , and 'You tell your mother....' They would embarrass me and everyone else who spoke to them by sniping rabid comments at eachother. I was not allowed to wander off in the breaks just as a buffering zone in a war can't wander off.

    Then the afternoon sessions came and always, I mean ALWAYS one of them would drop off to sleep and start snoring....loudly!

    Then it would be 'Quick! Nudge you father!' or, 'Quick! Nudge your mother.'

    I was mortified to be told by my Aunt what happened when she went to the assembly with them and they BOTH fell asleep and started snoring...LOUDLY... during the afternoon session and all the people around them were laughing at them. God! The guilt of not being there to wake the silly mooses up!

  • kaykay_mp
    i loved assemblies. to me they were exciting. plus there were lots of cute boyz...

    Wasn't that that like, the only reason to go in the first place. It sure was for me. My hormones were oozing. It's hard not to be horny at the assembly. laters kaykay_mp

  • Poztate
    Than at lunch we here them talking of how wonderful their dinner was last night and that the CO had invited them to dinner! I was heart-brokent then PISSED. I confronted them immediately on their rudeness. They explained that it was obviously a "blessing" from Jehovah to be included by the CO. AAAARRGH!

    Dumped for a CO...how demeaning.I could understand if it was a DO or a GB member but CO

  • Poztate
    The only thing I liked about the conventions was the drama but even they were too long sometimes.

    The other thing about the dramas in our area was they used voiceovers from the deep south of the USA.It was a hoot.It was as hard to understand as if they had used British actors.

    Sorry if this caused any offence...

  • fairy

    sometimes we enjoyed going.....but it was like you felt you had to go or else.

    we felt that much pressure to go that we would have to sell things we had to get money to go. hardly had any money for spending and stuff. one assemblie we went to, when we got there we even had to borrow money off my own brother.

    no one knows the things we did just to get to an assemblie just to save face. if you werent rich or were not well to do people we got looked down on. i will never forget that.

    they say ..."as long as you are serving jehovah thats all that matters".....yeah right. what thanks did we get for selling our goods just to go to an assemblie, no thanks at all. what blessings did we get ...none.

    it makes me cringe everytime i think about it.

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