Watchtower Observer site goes down

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  • Norm

    Hey folks,

    An era in the ex-jw history is over. Kent Steinhaug's site is being shut down.
    It was the first of it's kind, and to this day probably still the largest anti WT site on the net.

    Kent had for many years a gentleman's agreement with the guy's that developed and marketed the software
    that the site is built on. It is software that newspapers use for their net papers. The software became a success
    and was sold to a Danish corporation by the name Saxotech. Anyway, after James Penton's last book came out
    where the site is mentioned and all the documentation that exist on that site, Brooklyn apparently
    has got a new bout of panic and the in house attorny at the Norwegian branch office has written to the new owner
    Saxotech, and complained and they have panicked and are taking the site down. The WT has done this before and
    even the police has dismissed the case.

    Saxotech has suddenly become very businesslike and started to demand a $1000 a month for keeping the site up and Kent
    isn't able to pay that kind of money. So most likely the site is history.

    If anyone should feel the urge to present saxotech with alternatives, their webaddress are:
    and the strict businessman in charge of this is: [email protected]


  • Joyzabel


    sorry to hear that, Norm. Please tell Kent what a wonderful job he did. lol, he at least made WT squirm and finally blink.

    I better go download all the info I need from that site.

    Thanks for letting us know.

    (Hugs to you, Norm)


  • nicolaou

    I'd be more than happy to host all those B.O.E letters and other documentation at a new portal site I'm working on - how do I get in touch with Kent?

  • ddean3673

    I just sent them an e-mail requesting information for purchasing the domain...we'll see!

  • Norm

    The domain isn't the problem, Kent is probably keeping the domain. It is the site itself.
    It isn't a html based site.


  • Norm

    try this addy: [email protected]

  • hawkaw

    This is too bad. Kent's site has all sorts of great stuff on it.

  • anuva

    .............i feel there are enough good hearts here that can contribute to keep up much more than required 1000 $ required to KEEP the TRUTH stand UP ..

    can we contribute, there are enough members to support watchtower observer and its righteousness alive ?

    PM me for any sort of contribution that can be made rejuvinate Truth


  • 95stormfront

    It's the site that confirmed my initial suspicions about the borg. That place was chock full of information.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    wow, that's too bad... that site is one of the most comprehensive, information-rich ones out there, and the first one of its kind i ever read. i'm gonna go cull some of my favorites from it. a dark day indeed...

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